Tee Shirt

Tee Shirt

By:  Gegimei  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hazel Williams is a sweet affable 16-year-old who just started high school. When the people closest to her started dating, she felt left out and alone. Watching her crush with his girlfriend every day wasn't helping either, especially when Theo is her brother's best friend since kindergarten whom she practically grew up with. Her newfound friendship with her school's star dancer, Lee, helped her cope with her situation. But things got complicated when her long-time crush started to show feelings for her and at the same time, she found herself falling for her new best friend. Part 2 In the second year of high school, a new celebrity student arrives and turned her school upside down. What started as a student-guide relationship blossomed into a unique friendship. Her troubled new friend not only stirs the situations at school but also her relationship with her boyfriend. When her first-ever relationship finally came to an end, her old crush came back into her life for the Summer and they were tempted to rekindle their feelings for each other the year before. This story is still ongoing, read on to find out what happens next. Part 2 is currently only available on GoodNovel.

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Maame Aba Donkoh
I wish lee will come back for Hazy
2023-03-03 21:50:58
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Dawn Oliver
She needs to update more please I love this book so much I want to know what happens it’s slowly killing me especially since Theo just came to the dance for MICKEY my god great writing PLEASE UPDATE
2023-01-30 01:31:56
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2021-05-22 22:22:49
default avatar
Cute. Has some weird POV transitions but overall cute and slightly angsty. Unrequited love and first love cuteness.
2022-04-11 21:40:47
user avatar
I truly love this story... hope it continues
2021-08-05 22:28:37
120 Chapters
One: Detention
The last place she thought she'd end up in her first year of high school, and all because she tried to be cool and got caught learning how to smoke in the school backyard. There he was, sitting on the front seat of detention, the guy he tried to look cool for. Her heart pounded faster. She didn't expect to see him there. Theodore Jordan Shanley, the annoyingly good-looking senior, the soccer star athlete of Pinehurst Valley High, and the coolest guy in school who was her brother's best friend since kindergarten. It's unfair how some people could grow up to be so cool while others stay as plain as a burlap no matter how hard they try. At least that's how she felt when her boobs started to grow, got her first period, and thought she would magically turn into a unicorn. Instead
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Two: You Need A Makeover
"Okay ... you have got to up your game and find someone else to obsess about," Jan threw a pillow at her face. She was flat on her back on Jan's bed feeling depressed yet again over Theo and his dreamy green eyes. "You're in high school now ... there are a lot of guys out there that you can go out with, have a date with ... someone you can start smooching with ... Valentine is coming ... start dressing your age and not like that 12-year-old who drew hearts around Theo's name in her diary." Hazel grimaced, "What's wrong with how I dress? And ... I still draw hearts around his name on my diary ... I mean ... he's hot!" Jan put her index finger in her mouth and acted like she was going to vomit. "He is ... HOTTT ... I'
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Three: The Dancer
Tight jeans, long-sleeved crop top, because she thought showing off the middle part of her stomach was enough for her first day. She clutched her books in front of her as she walked towards her locker.   She could see from the corner of her eyes, some students were turning their heads to look at her unusual appearance. Or maybe it was just her being self-conscious. But in high school, kids notice everything.   "Looking good Williams!" someone shouted from the end of the hallway.   She gasped silently, pretended nothing was out of the ordinary. She turned her head slowly and curved a knowing smile to the person who shouted.   "Chin up, Hazel, own it!" Jan came from behind her and whispered in her ear. Her locker was
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Four: Lee Dennis
Lee Dennis Owens. 17. A sophomore. Friends with Kyle. Half Korean from the mother's side. Born and raised in Chestnut. A dance prodigy had been dancing since he was 6 years old. "How do you know all that? I didn't know you were friends with him?" Hazel felt betrayed that she didn't know things about Jan when they were practically always together. "I didn't, I knew that from Kyle ... anyway, you'd know a lot of stuff about other people too if you weren't so cooped up with Green Eyed Hottie at the soccer field." But lately, Jan had been ditching her to be with Kyle a lot, hence, she was stranded by herself trying to smoke a cigarette with Max's other friends, Joey and Stanley who were quick enough to run away leaving her behind and eventually sent to detention by Coach Garry.
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Five: Dear Theo
Five: Dear Theo Dear Theo,I really don't know what's the point of this ... but here goes ...I love you ... I'm obsessed with you ... I'm crazy for you ...There ... I said it, and it feels really goodNow you know. Although you don't know who I am, that's beside the point.I'm doing this for me.I've been holding on to these feelings for you and I'm tired because I know nothing is ever going to happen between you and me. Ever. I realize even though we sometimes feel so deeply about someone, it doesn't mean the feelings will be returned. It sucks and I'm learnin
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Six: Oh ... Why?
He doesn't speak a single word of Korean, even though he was half Korean. Ever since his mother died there was no one who speaks Korean at home. His stepmother was French, so he knew a little bit of French. He danced to the number one Korean boy band without understanding a single word of the lyrics, except for the English parts. He said dancing didn't need an understanding of words but the emotions from the music. It was true for a lot of things. They followed each other on Instagram, he has around 5000 followers there and quite actively posted his dances in there too. While she has less than 300 followers, most of them were school friends and family. Most of her posts were selfies and wefies with Jan, sometimes she posted her journal entries in a blur, and also her favorit
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Seven: V Day
At the end of Valentine's day, all the letters were distributed to their recipients. Most kids received at least one. Everyone made a pact with their best friends that they would send each other something. Theo got a whole bowl to himself. The committee even let him bring home the bowl as a bonus because his letters couldn't fit the largest envelope that was available. He was cheered along the corridor holding the large bowl in his hand. She wondered if he'll even bother to read them later because there were so many. Surprisingly, she got four letters herself. She tucked them into her backpack to read them later after dinner when she usually spends the rest of the day alone in her room. Lee was already gone to rehea
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Eight: Best News Ever
"How's school today?" her mom asked at dinner time the next day. She shrugged, "Fine," she answered almost simultaneously with Max. There was nothing eventful for her except spending the whole day with Jan celebrating her new relationship status with Kyle. He finally confessed to her and asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. How romantic. There's not much she could say about her own Valentine's Day. That last note she received was occupying her mind, but no one was sending her signals or trying to approach her about it. It was anonymous, it will probably stay anonymous. She didn't want to think about it too much. "I have a surprise for you, actually," her dad said as he wiped his mouth wit
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Nine: Saturday Night
She spent the whole day trying on outfits to go to Lee's dance party. Fixed her hair in all the ways she could think of while Jan watched from the other end of their video call. "Does this look okay?" she held a pink top over a white mini skirt she had sworn to never wear only a year ago. It was the sixth set of clothes she tried to mix and match. Jan grunted, "That looks adorable ... if you were going out for ice cream in the daytime ... it's a dance studio, everyone's gonna be wearing black, you don't want to be the odd one out." "Are you sure? Black? My first choice was black?" "I know, I told you it was fine but you went through your whole closet anyway ... I think black is the way to go." 
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Ten: Dance Studio
They grabbed something to eat at a Burrito place not far from the studio. It all felt very casual and not at all felt like a date. They were just two friends hanging out on Saturday night because they both didn't have anything else to do, no one else to hang out with. When they arrived at the dance studio, the day was already dark. He took his large backpack from the back of the car, he brought at least three sets of clothes for changing, knee pads, elbow pads, extra socks, shoes. She never realizes that being a dancer was similar to being an athlete. The entrance of the studio was like a gym, they went through a narrow corridor all the way to the back and went into a double door where the dance hall was. It was a wide room, it was maybe half the size of the whole floor of the building, the walls were lined with mirrors.
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