Becoming the bad boy's pet

Becoming the bad boy's pet

By:  Orex  Completed
Language: English
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"How bad do you want it? Is it strong enough for you to become my pet." His hands wrapped around her neck, and his voice a low growl as a deadly smile played on his lips. *** Bella knew the Mystery Cafeteria Boy was trouble from the first time she saw him. He was the one that was going to blow up her cover and uncover her past. Stuck in the same grade she had no other choice but to make a deal to become his pet. Could he bully his pet? Yes. Fall in love with his pet? Hell no.

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I loved the book!! I think the characters were developed well. I wish Jamie and Tammy had their own novel.
2024-05-17 07:42:02
user avatar
Liz S.
I loved this book!!!!
2023-07-14 08:05:18
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Im left with a few chapters… so far so good. I was hooked and bingeread thru. I do hope the closure will be satisfying.
2023-03-08 05:40:08
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Good story lots of twists and turns
2023-03-08 04:50:31
default avatar
Loving this book
2023-01-12 08:41:51
user avatar
wow, this is one of the most interesting books I've read, so good
2022-12-19 05:58:58
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Chuma Msutu
i lovee this book .........can't wait for the next chapters
2022-09-28 09:31:09
user avatar
Chario Thwala
This book is amazing ... I'm inlove with it
2022-09-17 08:44:02
user avatar
Breanna Nickerson
when's the next update :)
2022-05-17 08:10:31
135 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: Mystery Cafeteria Boy
  "Stinky fat head," I cursed, slamming the door of my locker with as much strength as I could muster.  "Brainless ant." Every other person probably burst into tears when they were humiliated in class but not me. When I'm so angry, I curse and plan millions of ways to stab out the perpetrators eyes even though that was all I can do.  My name is Bella and I hate school. Which isn't news, considering the fact that almost all teenagers do. But, I am not your regular teenager, not in the smart, genius way. Quite the opposite, this was my second year in this class, because I failed the grade. I hate school because I suck at it. This year I had to go to classes all alone. All my friends have moved on to the 12th grade.  Class today consisted mainly of new students and Mr Charles kept calling me to answer questions since I was an old face in
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CHAPTER 2: P**n in the Hallway
 I ran down the stairs, taking it two at a time. As usual I was late. I am that person that will probably show up late on my wedding day because I can't find my underwear or something. The living room slash kitchen area was empty. My mother must have left already. I didn't even see her last night either. In the past week we have spent the majority of the time apart.  She must have left already with Anne-Marie, my little sister. The only school that was willing to accept her was far away when we moved to this town last year. So, my mother usually had to wake earlier to get her to school. She was just six years old. Whose fault is that?  Mine.  I was the reason why Anne-Marie had to pack up and leave so much.  I was the sole reason why mom had to leave a good job in a big city and move to a place where she had to work night and
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CHAPTER 3: Say my name
"Mystery Cafeteria Boy!" He stopped at first then whirred around, facing me full on. His eyes were blazing red. "You're my ticket back to basketball. I need you to go to class and show up on all school days." I said with a false bravado. In all honesty, I was scared shitless. He looked intimidating, standing there, staring down at me with mean eyes and tightly drawn lips. First, he put his hands in his ears to remove the airpods, which means he had them on the whole time we were in the Principal's office. This was not good at all. This means he wasn't really listening to what she said and his 'yes' was performative at best. "Shoo away," his hands waving in the air to indicate that he needed me to be gone. Shoo away. Like I was a bird or a little kid he could dismiss. I swallowed every single complaint I could think of choosing instead to say, "You promised the Principal in there that you will come to class and assist me this year?" For the second time in the space of an hour h
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CHAPTER 4: Looming past
 I see the accusatory glances people shot my way throughout the rest of the day.  The questions in their eyes and the hostility. Just last week I was Bella, the girl that failed a class yet no one really cared enough to make me the whole subject of the school.  Did you see Bella making out with Luka in the hallway with his hands wrapped around her neck in that possessive fifty shades of grey way?  I wanted to puke when I heard that in the restroom.  The source of all my unwanted attention had somehow returned to class not sparing me even a single glance throughout. I couldn't help but to stare at him.  I hated him. With his brown eyes and rich dad that could buy a building for his son. I hated the fact that he had it so easy.  Immediately the bell rang I packed up and left. I was going to walk today. I needed the tim
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CHAPTER 5: Son of a Cheat
LUKA I could hear the moans and grunts coming out from his office. He wasn't being quiet or discreet about it. He was the one who summoned me here, yet here he was fucking one of his bimbo's. Who was it this time? His secretary? His masseur? The daughter of the housekeeper?  I plugged in my airpods, to cancel out the noise and dug my fingers into my palm. He will never stop disrespecting her this way. She was home pining away for him, yet here he was, spilling his seeds into everyone that wore a skirt.  I hate the fact that he still has the power to get me angry. I hate the fact that I expected anything different. I instead let my mind wander to the girl from the hallway. She was scared of me. She tries to hide it but I can see it in her eyes. I couldn't decipher if she was a wallflower that was shy and timid or she was just better at hiding her secrets.  She was n
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CHAPTER 6: Bullying her
He was always in a hurry. Always the last to come to class and the first to leave. Like he had somewhere else to be and couldn't be bothered with the rest of the world. I had promised myself that I was going to speak to him yesterday but I couldn't. I was carefully biding my time all day, trying to rack up the nerves to talk to him. It however had to be done today. No more procrastination or excuses. I ran after him after today's class. My heart was pounding and I had butterflies from anxiety in my stomach. What if today goes worse than yesterday? Throughout the day I stole glances trying to gauge his mood. But he had those damned shades on, all day. Even when the history teacher asked him to take them off, he had said the light was hurting his eyes and he couldn't. But I couldn't back down now. I felt for my phone in the pocket of my sweatpant. I had written down what I wanted to say to him. I came to a stop in front of him. "I need to talk to you, can we please go somewhere p
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CHAPTER 7: Be my Pet
"What is going on between you and Luka?" Tammy asked. I shrugged and closed my locker. I didn't have any pictures inside. It wasn't fancily decorated like most girls. The only decorative item I had was a mirror. "Bella," Tammy pouted. "You're hiding things from me again. I thought we promised not to do that anymore." I sighed. I could never tell her fully who I was, the life of my family depended on it. That was my biggest lie. I was lying to her everyday already, what was one more lie?Tammy hates being lied to or kept in the dark. Once, early last year I hid the fact that Jamie had asked me out. Even though I refused and we went back to being strictly friends. When she finally found out, she had been so hurt and promised us both not to hide things from her or lie. "Nothing Tammy. It really is nothing." I said gently. "Him holding your neck in the hallway like you were acting your own fifty shades of grey was not nothing." For the second time today I snapped. "Nothing Tamar
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CHAPTER 8: Daddy Dearest
LUKAThe Alley we were in was secluded and a little dark. I shouldn't be here now. I should be in the Principal's office in a meeting with my dad. But instead I was chasing after the girl that slapped me across the face yesterday and who was naive as fuck. I didn't expect her to run away from me. She had spent all day trying her best not to look at me, I was going to tell her that I needed to make that deal with her about making sure I came to class everyday. It was the reason my dad was in school today. I needed to do it to protect my mom. He was trying to make sure his genius son graduates high school even though I didn't need to. The moment she took flight, I found myself running after her. For the first time in a long time I felt free. Like I was flipping my father the middle finger. As I was chasing after a girl while he was waiting for me. The chase was worth it, catching her made it even better. Her waist was tiny. My large hands spanned their entire length easily and I l
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CHAPTER 9: Project Partners
BELLA"Hello." The other end was silent, I guess Tammy was still mad at me for what happened one week ago. It has been one week of her not talking to me, still mad about the non existent Luka thing. "Are you still not talking to me?" I asked, beginning to get tired of how long she was drawing it out. Yes I shouldn't have shouted at her, but she kept making up stuff about me and Luka. "Finally after a week you finally decide to call me." I rolled my eyes at her response. There was no way I could have called her this past week without using the general telephone, and she would have known that if she wasn't avoiding me in school and always having somewhere to be everytime I tried to talk to her in school. "My phone screen was broken." This was better than bringing up her attitude issues this past week. "Oh." I didn't say anything after that, the line was silent but we were both on the line. I guess she was waiting for me to apologize for shouting at her in the hallway, I was also
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CHAPTER 10: Warnings
The Cafeteria was loud. Too loud. The whole school was in a frenzy, probably because of the party that was going to be held on Saturday. The one that Tammy had finally got me an invite too, but I still wasn't going. At the far end the jocks were drumming on their desks and screaming loudly at each other in excited frenzy. There was some singing and love dovey going on beside me and one of the student body members was passing an announcement over the PA system about an upcoming event but the noise in the hall almost drowned out her voice. The smell of the different food in the air made me nauseous rather than hungry.Everything that was happening here was overwhelming my senses.The world was red today. Like bloody red. It was the start of the day when your body conspires to kill you and intensifies its strategies when it fails to. I had gotten my period today and as usual I was fighting for my life. The nausea, headache and butt cramps ramped up the pain. Jamie was sitting beside
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