Chapter 9

I pull into an empty shopping center parking lot so I can concentrate.

“Ahh, I hate when he gets like this.” Jasper says into the back seat. “Give him a minute, Zara. He’ll have something brilliant to say soon.”

I drum my fingers on the steering wheel, then get out of the car. I open the back door. “Zara, can I talk to you outside for a moment?”

“Here?” She asks, looking around the empty parking lot.

“What? Now you don’t trust me?” I put my hands on my hips.

She tries to get out, but it’s a far drop to the ground for how little she is. Especially since she isn’t wearing shoes. “C-can you help me… Please?”

“I could just put you in my pocket.” I smirk at her, holding out my hand.

Sam, who usually laughs at my dumb jokes, is suspiciously quiet behind her. I look over and see him passed out, hugging the empty liquor bottle like a baby. Jasper is scrolling through his phone, pretending to ignore us.

Zara slowly slips her hand into mine and lets me help her out of the car.

“You don
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Bella Jersey
She not really not safe. His other family could find her and auction her off

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