Since you last held him.

Selena pov

Kane doesn't get to mutter 'one' as the door flies open, startling me. The sudden noise doesn't faze him. Now I know the countdown was intentional and not just a joke on his part. 

I hear several footsteps entering the room, but one of them sounds like it doesn't fit here. I can't see who has joined us because Kane is sitting in front of me, shielding me from the gaze of the others.

After all this time, though he has all rights to be pissed at me, Kane's still the same protective, loving man who chose me as his mate. I wouldn't change it for the whole world. 

"Mommy!" A familiar voice shouts.

Kane stands up, far too slowly for my liking

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Sara Falck
Eagerly waiting for the next update !!!
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K. K. Winter
Sorry for the delay, guys, I took some time off as my kiddo caught something and I've been focusing on her health rather than writing :/ updates coming asap + I've already published a few chapters for new book :))
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Emily Roskom
Usually the author updates daily, I definitely hope everything is okay!

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