Chapter 232: You Are Being Too Modest

Hazel could not believe that the Flores family had so much nerve. How did they still think she was going to buy the car?

"Didn't you say that someone is rushing to pay?" Hazel said, "Let those silly girls buy it."

She turned around and left. If she had to spend another second with them, she would have snapped. The Flores is just too brazen.

Hazel returned to Joshua-Hazel Pictures and was surprised to see Danny waiting for her in the office.

"Danny, what's the matter?" she asked curiously. "Isn’t your movie very good?"

"This is the case, Miss Crowe," Danny's face was full of enthusiasm. "I really want to talk to you about movies today. The movie box office is good, and the fans are very enthusiastic. They are asking abou

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