The Fox and the Raven

Life is funny when you think about it. One minute you’re a normal human girl, the next you’re a werewolf and then the next you’re a flightless bird trying to avoid death by a fox. I suppose if I had learned how to fly, it wouldn’t have even looked my way, but a defenceless bird is an easy meal for the opportunistic canine.

Backed against a tree trunk, I let out a hissing sound towards the creature. I always used to think they were cute and fluffy… now I just think they’re relentless and frustrating! Despite being cornered, it knows to be wary even if I can’t fly. I have a sharp beak and although my feet aren’t as sharp as, say, an eagle, they’re still sharp enough to take an eye out.

“Bring it on, you ruffian!” I croak at it, knowing full well it can’t understand me, regardless of what language I’m speaking or the lack of any ability as it were. “I hav

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