Acceptance Of Relationship

The sunlight was peeking inside the room from the slightly parted curtains, which made the whole room appear in a light mood, since the faint smell of their last night's deed was still lingering in the room; it was an utter indication of how exciting and satisfying their last night was. Lucas was sound asleep and he wanted to wake up to his wife, expecting Nathalie to be soundly sleeping by his side. It was the first time they both had slept in the same bed and together, which was itself a progress and an utter sign of acceptance by both of them. However Lucas was happy she allowed him to cuddle with her and to peck her cheeks before nathalie placed his hand on her own back to make Lucas brush his fingers over her backbone.

After getting exhausted by the whole thing from yesterday Lucas woke up the next day with a tired yawn, and spread his arms expecting Nathalie sleeping by his side. But perhaps things had gotten a bit different now that they both ahd consumated their marr

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This story has kept me intrigued. Keep up the good work!

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