Chapter 5 : For US


I feel a soft touch against my cheek, nuzzling my skin with tender strokes. A smile curves on my face as I strive to open my eyes to see the most beautiful view. I hold the hand laying upon my cheek and drag it down to my lips, keeping my eyes still closed. I kiss the smooth palm and finally open my eyes wider, waking up by treating my eyes with her sight in my cabin.

"Good morning", a whisper comes from her.

Her lips widen into a smile at me as I stare at her face glowing through the sunrays near the window— as if an angel landed to wake me up. I keep leaning against the chair, devouring her sight with my drowsy eyes when she decreases the gap between us, locking my hand with hers and scooting onto my lap. I immediately snake my hands around her waist.

"Good morning", I mumble, smiling at her lovingly.

She cups my face and leans closer to me, then gently places her lips on my forehead. I close my eyes to feel that blissful kiss more effectively. It's been so long since sh
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