**The Marriage Clause**

(Chapter Twelve)

Hours later and Marcus could be seen pacing back and forth impatiently as Emily giggled like a highschool cheerleader seeing her crush on the playing field over the phone.Just as he prayed silently,she dropped the receiver and headed up the stairs,he followed her just to eager and ready to feed is inquisition,all he wanted was to know the topic of her conversation with Elizabeth.

‘What did you guys talk about??'.He asked with a frown on his face.

’Stuff...... girl stuff'.Emily shrugged lightly in reply and his brows rose in a mode of sheer bamboozlement.Since when did girl stuff become a thing in his house?? He changed her diapers right from the day she was born and now she was talking about girl stuff because of a woman she's known for only two weeks...Unfreakingbelievable! he thought as his fists balled in annoyance.

‘I'm your Dad Em

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