The Marriage Clause

The Marriage Clause

By:  Kay Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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*°*The last thing Elizabeth Goodman and Marcus Sheldon want is to get married to each other.She is a billionaire and a spoiled rich princess who is being forced to marry a broody ranch owner just for the sake of fulfilling her father's will. Marcus also hates the idea of marrying a rich snob like her, but he was willing to do anything to get the hundred million dollars in his name left for him by Elizabeth's father in the will.How will these two cope with their clashing personalities and different lifestyle—Find out in **THE MARRIAGE CLAUSE**

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SA Khu
update please its be almost a week now without update
2022-02-25 03:32:13
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He marries her for money, this something.fresh. But why did Beth's dad left him with $100M?
2022-02-13 17:24:14
22 Chapters
*The Marriage Clause*(Chapter One) It was a very sunny day in Los Angeles but for Elizabeth Goodman it was one of the dreaded days of her life.She adjusted her Gucci glasses with her gloved hands,and nodded in acknowledgement of the people who payed their respects to her in grievance of her dead father.Henry Goodman,a billionaire and philanthropist with a heart of gold who died of a sudden heart attack.Now he was in heaven or hell watching the shadiest people in business grieve with his daughter over his death. Beth,short for Elizabeth wanted to scream in annoyance and anger.They were all pathetic.It was all pathetic cause every family member in the church only wanted nothing more but a piece of the big cake which was her father's money.No one visited at the hospital when her mother died years ago,none of them congratulated her on graduating from Harvard as one of their best students in Business,no one came when it was shown in the n
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**The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Two) Two days passed like it wasn't even anything and Elizabeth groaned deeply as she was reminded all thanks to her phone that it was the day of her father's reading.She slowly got out of bed and reluctantly barged into her bathroom,placed her hands on the toilet sink to look into the mirror and God was she horrified by what she saw.A broken,devastated and fatigued woman with duffel bags under her eyes.She was holed up in her apartment for two days straight,not taking calls from anyone or even leaving the premises—thank God for the online food delivery system. ‘You look a mess Beth'.Her voice was hoarse after she stepped out of the shower and placed some beauty bags under her eyes,she yawned loudly as she stepped into her closet rummaging and rummaging until she settled for a black pristine tailored suit with some stone embellishments on it.All it took was some vitamins to calm her increas
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**The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Three) ‘Marriage clause??'. ‘Yes'. ‘What do you mean by that? what in the world is a marriage clause?'.She asked again obviously confused by the rubbish coming out of the lawyer's mouth.Marcus was also confused,more irritated that there was a clause in the will which was obviously standing between him and his hundred million dollars, can't things just go his way for once? he complained silently as he watched on. ‘The marriage clause in the will miss Goodman simply means that you have to get married before you get your inheritance—you have to get married to Mr Sheldon here—you both have to marry each other before you can get the inheritance'.The lawyer finally dropped the bomb and both Elizabeth and Marcus gasped deeply in shock.Surely this was a good joke,she thought as she yanked the file from the lawyer's grasp and read thr
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**The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Four) Two Days Later**Elizabeth cursed under very breath as she crouched low to wipe off the bird poop on her new Louis Vuitton heels that cost a fortune,before going into the building and riding the elevator up to the tenth floor which was the lawyer,Mr Arnold's office.She was ushered in by the personal assistant into the main room where be was,then her frown creased deeper the moment she spotted Marcus seated on the couch wearing a black leather jacket and black boots that made him look...... surprisingly good. Marcus also frowned deeply as his eyes narrowed up and down to get a full glimpse of her outfit,her beige piece suit was nice and it matched well with her eyes which had a beige-golden hue around it, that was concealed of course through her tinted shades—God she was expensive,he thought annoyingly as they made eye contact when she sat down.It was evident that she
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**The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Five) ‘I'm getting a new mom?!!'. ‘Nah not—'. ‘Thank you so much Dad!!'.Emily kissed Marcus hard on the cheek and skipped her way up the stairs into her room all excited,Marcus breathed heavily as the sense of guilt wavered into his heart.Emily is the sweetest and most innocent child he has ever come across,she just couldn't understand the harsh reality about the woman he was going to marry in a week—He didn't know crap about Elizabeth and he was a hundred and one percent sure she didn't like children....... women like her just didn't. ‘You sure you're gonna be okay??'.Tanner, Maurine's sixteen year old son who worked at the ranch on weekends for extra cash asked and Marcus sighed deeply.Honestly he knew he was making a huge mistake but he had no other choice—the ranch was failing terribly and he had a huge pile of debt
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 **The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Six) Elizabeth walked out of the car dressed in casual jean shorts and a white pristine shirt,it was her first time at the ranch which she was going to be staying in for six months as per the contract she signed,and by first glance she just wasn't impressed by what she saw.Marcus helped her with her bags and didn't bother ushering her into the house which she was going to be staying in,so she helped herself in and was bombarded by the smell of fresh hay in the living room. It was surprisingly way smaller on the inside than she expected,the main couch looked like it had seen better days,the curtains looked like that haven't been washed in centuries,the wallpaper needed changing and there was a voodoo doll on the bookshelf that scared the crap out of her.Oh God help me,she gasped loudly as she swore she spotted a tarantula but didn't make a big fuss out of it....first thing tomorrow morning
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**The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Seven) ‘I heard them arguing few minutes ago. Maybe this marriage is a bad idea after all'.Maurine sighed deeply as she guided the new horse into the stable, she decided to come to work early to get on an early start and just happened to hear Marcus and Elizabeth arguing, from what she could decipher they also had an argument last night.It was funny seeing how Elizabeth's sharp witted tongue matched with Marcus's sense of sarcasm. ‘I don't think they know how much they were made for each other'.Tanner chuckled softly which immediately died down the moment he spotted Elizabeth outside the house.She was wearing a wide brimmed hat which was a compliment to the hot Texan weather,with shades and a yellow sundress that made her look expensive.Of course she looked like someone who wasn't from a poor background,and male eyes turned to get a second glance on the new lady of Sheldon Ranch.&nb
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**The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Eight) Night came and Emily still didn't come down for dinner, Marcus knocked on her door incessantly and even tried telling a dad joke but she remained unhinged and wouldn't open the door.Elizabeth could hear his grumble from her room and after it died down,she closed her laptop and went down to the kitchen,grabbed Emily's dinner and went back up to knock on the door. ‘Emily it's the door'.She muttered and was met with absolute silence,the feeling of hesitancy made her skin crawl and she was on the verge of leaving before the door miraculously opened.There Emily stood,with her hair disheveled and her eyes all puffy from the crying which made Elizabeth's heart shudder—she was only a little girl,she was just too young to be mentally tortured!. ‘What do you want?'.Emily asked still teary eyed. ‘I brought you dinner.....can I
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**The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Nine) Mrs Brown,the thirty nine year old elementary school teacher of Emily's class frowned deeply as Elizabeth crossed her legs in front of the class.The other pupils watched on most especially the male ones as a few of them developed an instant crush the moment they saw her, Elizabeth smiled seeing the satisfaction on Emily's face—she almost felt like a proud mother giving a speech. ‘To what do I owe this visit Miss uh....' ‘It's Mrs Sheldon'. ‘Ohhh you're Emily's new mother'. ‘I am Emily's stepmother as a matter of fact and I am here to talk to you about some of the problems my daughter has been facing in school'.Elizabeth almost sneered,something about the tteacher just didn't sit right with her. ‘She got into a fight yesterday ma'am'.Mrs Brown argued. ‘
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**The Marriage Clause**(Chapter Ten) Elizabeth was busy in her room trying to prepare for her flight back to Los Angeles to solve some work problems and also spend a little time with Carl whom she really missed,she was just married for a week and as much as she loved her new area she still missed the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.Just as she closed her suitcase,she could hear yelling from outside the house—It was the voice of a man she didn't know and Marcus—Marcus,what in the world was he up to now? she thought as she made her way down the stairs and outside the door to find out what was going on. She stopped at the porch and rested on a pole,begging herself not to get involved and just observe from afar.Marcus was standing opposite a very tall and muscular man with a strong country accent,he had an ugly tattoo of a bull at the nape of his neck and the obvious bruises and bad taste of fashion proved he was trouble.Fro
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