I knew that crusty ass necromancer was a fraudster

#Another realm of life#

#Meeting the dualistic god#

#Saving Kate Marshall#

It is done only when I pronounce so

♥Elena's POV♥

The Spanish call it Alegría...

Croatians refer to it as radost...

Usually, joy is an emotion felt after an accomplishment like getting a new job, securing a contract, having a latest addition to the family, having your crush declare his undying love for you, and a whole lot more. I remember feeling the same emotion as a seven-year-old kid when I learned to shoot an arrow and I met my target for the first time. Hilda's advice was for me to imagine what or who I hated the most and fire the arrow with all the strength I could muster.

On stepping outside the exit of the cave, my eyes steady to the horizon, my face aglow with the last orange rays before the twilight beckons the stars, my lips bear a semblance of a smile, just enough to show that the cool breeze whipping my jet-black hair around felt satia
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