"Would you really do anything for me?"

The softness of her giggle left nothing to the imagination.

Hearing enough, Jackson all but busted into the door--stepping in with a loud cough as hurried in to take in the scene before him.

To his surprise, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Two pairs of shocked eyes meeting his as he stood there awkwardly.

Randy's office held a pristine metal desk, a comfy neutral colored couch across from a large windowpane. The window overlooked the bustling streets below, but surprisingly it was quiet. Most likely filtered for noise from the outside.

It looked neat and professional, aside the pictures that were placed all over the walls and along the edge of his desk. It was a touch of personal belongings that made Randy seem that much more personable.

It probably helped him get on with his patients.

"Sup, Randy

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Sarah Winekoff
Jackson is the real MVP. But that was INTENSE. Randy is a piece of domineering trash.

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