Kaitlyn couldn't help but notice that Jackson had been acting strange.

Quiet, a little withdrawn.

His usual snarky smiles missing its bite as he seemed to leave the house more and more frequently.

It felt like a prick in her side.

Their fight in the kitchen lingering in her mind. She wondered if his bad mood had been her fault.

But more importantly....

She found that she missed him terribly.

She missed the night he randomly dragged her away, she missed his laugh, his company.

It actually surprised her just how much his absence hurt her.

It almost physically hurt sometimes, when she walked into the living room to bug him ( waiting for her chance to apologize to him ) only to discover a little Jackson sized dent on the couch. But the raven nowhere to be found.

It was like that every morning this week.

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Sarah Winekoff
Kaitlyn and Jackson’s dynamic is too sweet. My heart.
goodnovel comment avatar
Mikki Celeste
excellent so far, I can't wait for more!!

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