Her eyes opened slowly and she tried to adjust her gaze. The area in her front slowly became clear as her eyes opened fully.

A smile then made a way to her lips when she realised that she was secured in his arms. She felt so comfortable even though his hold was firm. This made her chuckle silently and she slowly turned to face him.

When her body moved against his rigid one, she realised that she was not wearing even a piece of cloth under this silky sheet. Last night, he got rid of her clothes too as he needed to feel her bare skin against his.

Sighing, she looked up at him. Those dark strands falling over his forehead made him look even younger. He looked handsome even while sleeping. She could not help but admire him silently.

She raised her hand and then pushed those strands away. The feel of his velvety hair against her thin fingers was soothing and amazing as well. She did it again, not wishing to wake him up.

When she was done with his hair, her palm softly rested on cheek.
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