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“I, Arnold Allirick, reject Daisy as my mate.” He was determined and he was not going to change this at all. He made his decision and he was not going to change his decision at any cost. He looked at her face, waiting for her answer as she stayed silent. She was silent because she did not want to hack away. She did not want to back away from this relationship. She liked Arnold. He was always good with her. He always respected her. Their relationship was one year old. He found his mate one year ago and did everything to be with her, because she was chosen by the moon goddess. She must have seen after and behind the present that is how she has chosen a good mate for him but he was sick of her. Sick of her naive behavior. “Daisy&hel
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She was still crying. She was weak and all because of the rejection. She wishes she could stop that happening but she had no powers to do it.She knows she could stop the relationship from breaking but she did not want to force Arnold into this relationship. She knew he was sick of it. Sick of that relationship. And that is what made him back away. And by rejecting his rejection, she did not want to lose the respect that was left in him for her. ‘Love has gone.’ Ayla said from inside and Daisy nodded. “Right.” She breathed and closed her eyes. ‘How much time you’re going to take? Today’s your college and remember, only because of studies, you’ve lost him.’ Read more
As soon as he grabbed the door knob and pushed the door open, the trash bin which was placed on the door, fell on the floor. The guy was saved before the trash bin could fall on his head as he swiftly moved back before the trash bin could fall on his head. Silence covered the whole atmosphere as their plan did not succeed. They wanted to annoy the new student but could not. “Oh! He missed it!” Rosalia whispered into Daisy’s ear. Daisy’s widened eyes kept staring at the guy only. He was angry by his looks now. Her eyes focused on his face as soon as he looked up at the class. His face and that pair of cloudy gray eyes just caught her attention badly. She could not look away from his handsome face. Sharp jaws and his roman no
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“Daisy…” came a familiar chirp, gaining Daisy’s attention. She sighed in understanding because she knew the person. ‘Bear it, sweetheart.’ Ayla mused. Daisy looked up and found the man she thought. She sent him a fake smile which was true for him. “Hey,” she said in a low voice. Ethan smiled and sat on the seat which was in front of Daisy. She took another deep breath. Ayla was right. He is here to annoy her once again. Rosalia could not help but bite on her bottom lip when she found Ethan again. Another guy who is highly interested in Daisy. Of course, when she joined the college, a number of boys were after her because of her different type of beauty. Read more
She came back home after her day in college ended. It was really weird today but she managed it. When she reached her home and found the door opened, she frowned. A normal thought visited her mind. Was there any thief inside her home? She gulped hard when the thought flashed in her mind. No way! How would she be able to fight the thief then? ‘You have me, stupid! Just let me come out and I’ll rip their limbs apart!’ Ayla growled and Daisy just nodded her head. She cannot take any risk. If there is any thief then she has Ayla to come out. Clutching the strip of her bag, she silently stepped inside. The lights were off and no sound was coming to her ears. She was confused. But the
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She was walking on the silent road. It was empty. Nobody was there to be seen. The road was clear. Moonlight coming through the moon mixed with the streetlight landing on the road. Silence was spread on it and only the sound of her breathing was reaching her ears. She was not afraid of anything around her. Walking alone in such an environment was her habit. Even she liked it. Silence always gave her soothness. She kept on forwarding her steps. Her one hand was in her jacket’s pocket while the other was holding plastic bags. She brought eggs, some black pepper and some green chillies. She raised up her shoulders when a little gust of cold breeze passed through her neck, sending a chill down her spine. “Oh my goddess! It’s freezing
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Without even eyeing her, he just took the knife and turned his body towards the man. Daisy kept staring at him. It was unbelievable. She never knew that the new student would be murderer. She fucking could not believe it. Her jammed mind did not work the moment and nor did her wolf say anything. She did not even realise when the wounded man tried to get up and leave. He knew he was stuck in this situation. He was old. Older than the tall and bulky guy or should she call him a man? Whatever she calls, his strength was always more than the wounded man. The old man tried to run away. He tried to save his life. Ahaz saw it and dashed towards the wounded man. Daisy was watching this and her eyes widen
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Her white skin shined under moonlight just like his pale one, but her skin bloomed more because of the pinkish glow on her cheeks and nose. Her electric ocean orbs were just settled on him. Those blue eyes reflected fear and anxiety at the same time. Fear of him and anxiety of his next move. He liked it! Those fearful orbs of hers. They were beautiful as well as so alive. So alive that his heart would have beaten if it was alive. But her eyes made him feel alive for a second. And then his eyes fell on her lips. They were trembling like a leaf. Just like how a leaf trembles in spring. Their color attracted him even more. Those pink rosy petals were wet in this autumn season and invited him to have a taste.Gosh, he could not say no to that urge. He could not control that forbidden urge of tasting her lips
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When she arrived at her home, Sofia was concerned after seeing her face. Of course, she looked annoyed as if someone had punched her cheek roughly but kissed on that spot after that. “What happened?” Sofia grabbed the bags from her hand and put them on the table, before looking at Daisy again. She sighed. “Nothing, mom. Just met a friend who annoyed the hell out of me.” She sat on the table and watched her mother laughing. “What’s funny?” She frowned. Sofia stopped laughing for a moment and answered her, “Anybody can annoy you, Daisy. It’s damn easy.” Daisy nodded nevertheless. She is well aware of her nature. She gets annoyed easily. No doubt what Sofia said. She admits it wholeheartedly
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“A wizard who betrayed us.” “A wizard?” “You thought a human?” he mocked and chuckled when she nodded. “You werewolves have high senses so it should be easy for you to claim who is human and who is not?” She just lowered her head. His continuous questions were just making her regret once again. She has regretted a lot and now she is not in the mood to cry once again. “I… actually I didn’t learn to use my… powers.” She looked down. She literally felt so embarrassed. Especially when there was a skilled vampire sitting in front of her. For a moment, Ahaz was also surpri
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