Chapter Seven


I couldn't stop myself from trembling with fear and anticipation. The man who drove the car was silent and he wasn't human either. He was a werewolf too, not an ordinary one, he bled of power and the aura surrounding him made me shiver in fear as I snuggled between the chairs to avoid being found.

No doubt if I unmasked myself he would find me, or if I made the slightest noise he would know someone was there. Werewolves were known to have extremely good hearing and this man was powerful enough to hear me out. 

But he seemed to be distracted by his thoughts as I noticed every now and then he sighed like something was troubling him, but I was too scared to peep and look at him. 

I tried to avoid moving at all, even the slightest sound and I would be found. I couldn't risk anyone finding me, the plan was that when the car came to a stop and he got out, I would leave too and find refuge somewhere.

I didn't have anywhere to go but I couldn't go to any other pack, no pack accepted rouges and being Jax's slave wouikd guarantee them to accept me as all the neighboring packs were working for Jax and were under his rule.

Going to any nearby pack meant I was going to be given back to Jax. He ruled a wide range of powerful packs and I couldn't risk my freedom in finding peace with my kind.

I was going to blend into the human societies. I wasn't really a werewolf anyway and that made things easier.

I tried to stop the smile that broke out my face as I thought of finally living free, free from abuse, torture and slavery. In a few hours, I was going to be my own person, not belonging to any one and I couldn't wait for it.

My mind drifted off to my parents and my smile fell as a wave of sudden sadness filled me. I could imagine them begging Jax for my decision and running away. I knew Jax might kill them but it wasn't enough to have me go back. 

Jax was ruthless and all those years locked up in his home only proved how scared he was losing me. Jax wanted everything he liked, and losing it sent him to a state of frenzy. No doubt the whole pack would be running about looking for me, because I knew he was bound to be really angry and kill anyone who didn't fulfill his wishes.

I shook my head as I tried not to think about him and instead looked down at my foot that was badly bruised from slamming it against a rock in the river. It was sore and I was glad to be in the car or else I wouldn't have gotten really far by running and no doubt Jax's men would have found me and taken me back to him.

I sighed softly, for the first time I didn't have to think about the next punishment I would receive from my alpha, nor did I have to think of ways to hide from him. I was happy, and I was free. 

I closed my eyes as I rested against the door and a sudden wave of tiredness washed over me as I yawned before sleep took over me. 

The next time I opened my eyes, the car had stopped moving and I realized there was no one in it. I peeped out from the back of the chair at the driver seat to find it empty. A heavy sigh escaped my lips.

I was safe. 

A tiny tear escaped my eyes and I smiled thinking about my freedom. 

I was free. 

Free from Jax.

Free from my pack.

After waiting for a few more minutes and wiping my tear filled face, I pulled myself out of the chair and finally had the chance to look outside the tinted window. 

I gasped, my eyes widening in shock at the beauty in front of me.

There was a huge round driveway lined with beautiful trees, and at the center of it was a beautiful fountain, sprinkling with water as they were the flowers that were decorated around it. 

But what really took my breath away was the size of the house in front of me. Infact the whole environment looked like an estate, a very expensive estate. 

There were two tall pillars leading to the mansion in front of me, flower beds lined both sides of the mansion and huge bright lights glittered from the chandelier in the wall. 

Chandelier made from gold. 

While Jax was rich and extremely wealthy, his mansion was nothing to be compared to this. It was exquisite and serene.

A sudden wave of fear rushed through me and I realized that whosoever lived here was richer and probably more powerful than Jax. And if there was anything I had learnt in the past twenty years, it was that powerful people were dangerous.

They were blinded by their power and they trampled on everyone else. They didn't have any human emotions and they got everything they wanted. 

With that in mind, I realized that I couldn't be here. I didn't want to end up in a similar situation like with Jax. 

Carefully, I opened the door to the car and carefully climbed out, wincing in pain when my bruised feet touched the cold hard floor. 

It was still night but I knew it was only a few hours before the sun rose and after that I wouldn't be able to leave. Now I had the opportunity of blending in with the darkness and not being found. 

I just hoped my white dress didn't give me away. 

I turned to the direction of the gate and found two men standing guard and I quickly ducked behind the car, a fearful gasp escaping my lips and my body shook in fear.

Those weren't ordinary men. 

They were werewolves! Warrior werewolves!

Did that mean I had just stepped into a pack? 

But whose? 

Which pack was this?

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You are certainly talented and drawing a wonderful story
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getting into more hardships?
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Alora escaped but got into another pack that's Ares's

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