Chapter Eight


My heart thumped loudly in my chest as I rested against the car and turned my gaze away from the men. 


Where the hell was I?! 

I couldn't stumble into another pack,not especially if it was one of the packs Jax had control over. It would mean that I couldn't be free. 

I gasped desperately for air as tears filled my eyes and I raised my hand to my chest to stop myself from hyperventilating. But it was hard and I looked around the mansion. 

There was no one else in sight except the two guards at the gate, and I knew it was impossible to escape them.

I had to think of something! 

But it was so hard to do so when I was imagining Jax walking in with a grin on his face and congratulating me on stepping into his den once more. 

I was hopeless as more tears filled my eyes and my body shook and my palms became sweaty as I looked around the estate..

Someone very powerful lived here and I could only think of one status in the pack where the person could afford such luxury. I shook my head as I closed my eyes, fighting back the tears that threatened to fall. 

I had to get out of here now! 

Glancing around, I realized there was one door that led inside the mansion. Going back to the guards was a bad plan. 

I could go in, hide for a while and when there was a change in the guards, I'll use that as an opportunity to escape. I said to myself and I nodded. 

Touching my left bruised foot, I tore off a piece of my gown and wrapped the cloth around it to stop the bleeding. It stung and I hissed in pain before peeping at the guards once more.

They seemed to be in a discussion, staring at each other and I took that as an opportunity to slide off the car and tip toe towards the fountain. 

I could hide in the flowers and go round it before running into the house. I had no doubt they would see me since everywhere was so brightly lit but it was a risk I was willing to take. 

Taking a deep breath, I crawled gently towards the bushes, avoiding hitting my ankle. Thankfully, no one came out of the mansion nor was anyone heading towards it, orderwise o would have been caught. 

I swallowed, looking behind me as I neared the flowers, my heart pounded loudly in my chest and I finally reached the flowers. Sighing in relief, I looked at the door to the mansion. It was a safe distance and I knew once I ran towards it, there was no going back anymore. 

Tears of frustration filled my eyes as I tried to think of a way out but found nothing else. I glanced at my leg, I couldn't even run much because it was hitting badly. 

I turned back to the guards who had stopped discussing as they sniffed the air and I turned away sharply. 

They've figured me out! 

I had to act quick! 

I rose to my feet and took a step towards the house, my heart beating hard against my ribs, threatening to break the bones. I could go into the mansion. It was big and there were a lot of hiding places. 

Before I could take another step forward, a loud shout came from behind me.

"Hey! Stop there!" 

I froze and looked to see the two guards start running towards me, a look of surprise on their faces and I didn't waste any more time as I sprinted towards the mansion. 

"Stop right there!" One of them shouted and I looked back to see him take out a gun from his back pocket and I gasped in shock, running faster towards the door which suddenly seemed so far away. 

My veins thumped in my throat and every pulse beat fast against my skin as tears blinded my vision once more. My vision blurred and I could feel panic setting in as the men drew closer to me.

It felt like Jax's men once again and I started to cry harder. When I reached the door, I pushed it back and thankfully it was opened. 

I sighed in relief as I looked back at the men, they were a few steps behind me and I slammed the door shut, turning the keys and locking it. 

They slammed into the door angrily and I jumped, stepping backwards and glancing at the door in shock before hearing them sigh and leave. 

I sighed before I turned around at the inside of the mansion and my breath left me once more. The inside was even more extravagant than the outside. 

I was in a sitting room, a very big one with dark gray sofas and a huge round glass table at its center. Beautiful vases sat at the end of each sofa sparkling with bright lights from the chandelier above them. 

I turned to the two sides staircase that led to the top floor, it's rims were lined with gold and they sparkled, the floor reflected the ceiling and I found myself looking down at my pale skin and tartared face as they reflected back my image. 

"Where is she?" I heard a loud voice coming from my right and I noticed a long hallway that probably led to the kitchen or something and I gasped when I heard hurried footsteps along it. 

Quick! Find where to hide! I told myself as I liked around the sitting room. It was too opened and there was no way they wouldn't find me behind any of the sofas. 

Tears blinded my vision as I thought of what to do. 

Mask your scent! A thought came to my head and I immediately scolded myself for not thinking about that earlier. I quickly took deep breaths as I forced my scent away, closing my eyes to make sure they took effect before opening them once more. 

The footsteps came closer and I knew if I hid it would take them a while to find me without sniffing me out and the mansion was big enough to hide my small frame. 

Looking around, I knew there was no hiding place in the sitting room and I glanced at the staircase. Upstairs would be the best place to hide, maybe inside one of the rooms. 

With that thought in mind, I sprinted off to the stairs, almost tripping over my own injured foot as I took sharp breaths. When the pain intensified it was like a thousand needles piercing at my feet at the same time. 

Tension filled my shoulders as I neared the top of the stairs and the footsteps became louder, my heart beat loud in my chest overshadowing the sound of footsteps as I got to the top of the stairs and found myself in the center of two long hallways. 

I quickly made a decision and ran to the right, finding a few doors staring at each other. By now I could hear the voices in the sitting room and I ran towards one of the doors, trying it open but it was locked and I could feel panic setting in once more as I ran to the other door. 

Tears of relief blinded my vision as the door opened and I closed it gently behind me, sighing deeply as I looked around. 

I noticed I was in a bedroom and it was massive with a huge king sized bed at the center of the room with a nightstand just beside it. A bench sat in front of the bed and I neared it, noticing a gun was on top of it. 

I gasped looking away from it and at the room. There was a working area at the left side of the room decorated with a laptop and piles of paper. A door was directly opposite it and I knew it was a walk in closest. 

Huge dark drapes fell from the wall covering the glass windows that ran from the ceiling to the floors. The room was beautiful but uninviting and dark. 

It looked like something Dracula could live in and I found myself wanting to leave when I heard angry voices outside the door and I jerked in fear before looking around and seeing a huge duvet dropping from the bed. 

The bed was the closest to me as I couldn't make it to the closet in time and I crawled underneath it, pulling the duvet a bit to shield myself as I stated quiet underneath the bed. I hated how I hadn't thought of switching off the room lights but I was grateful at least my scent was masked and no one would find me even if they walked in. 

I lied down on my side, pulling my knees closer to me as I waited, my heart thumping loudly in my chest as I prayed silently that whosoever owned this room didn't come in or the men behind the door didn't walk in. 

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Dianna Washington
dont like the repeat chapters or chapter beginnings. but story is ok
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Jessica Gonzales
Proper grammar would make this story easier to read. I’m not sure if this is one of the writer’s first written stories, but I applaud her confidence in writing a novel. I am excited to see how her writing will evolve over time!
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Royneisha Johnson
Love it so far

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