Chapter Seventy-Seven

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I left the jewelry store, adjusting my dark sunglasses over my eyes so no one recognized me as I made it to my car, slamming the door shut. Because nothing screamed pathetic like the Alpha going to buy a jewelry for a slave.

Throwing the glasses, I started my car, dropping the small jewelry box on the car as I headed back to the estate. It was already past seven and I had to pick Alora because the Hunter's Moon Ceremony had already started.

Quickly, Seth and I had to get suits, changing immediately and while Seth had gone to style his hair, I left mine in a heaped mess having run my fingers through it a thousand times in a few hours.

Pack ceremonies weren't my thing, and knowing my curse was going to be hell tonight didn't make me look any further into it. I sighed, pulling up in the estate to see the rest of the maids leaving.

They had gotten changed already as t
Chimdi Jane Samuel

**I'm super excited to see these two. I love how Ares had a lot going on in his head upon seeing Alora. I'm glad he admires her and sees her as beautiful. I'm also glad that he's feeling a bit jealous, hehe. It shows some sort of feelings are already sprouting up for her and I can't wait to see it grow. I'm super pumped for the next chapter and I hope you are too. Sorry this came a little late. Let me know what you think of the chapter in the comments, your expectations for the Hunter's Moon Ceremony and the rues Ares is going to give Alora? Would it be something she can keep? See you all tomorrow (Friday) same time, Jane♥️

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Sunday Apollonia
can't Ares just smell Alora as his mate...!
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Vicki Dodson
Love your book
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
when was the last time exactly? Ares is another wild card altogether could he possibly be alora mate and without a wolf alora may not completely feel the bond but somehow know too? somebody get me to that ceremony I need a drink maybe 3..

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