I turn forward again and load up my computer.  

"What's the name of the company?" I ask and turn towards them.  

"Rossi Inc."  

The twins both rise to stand next to me.  

I turn towards Nicholas immediately as his hand settles on my arm.  

I nod my head and turn to the computer. 

"You can wait on the couch right there. It might take a while."  

Antonio places his hand on my other arm. "We are fine right here." 

I nod, knowing I could do nothing to change their minds.  

Two hours later, I lean back into my seat as my printer begins to release the remaining pages. The twins had soon grown tired of standing and fetched chairs from the kitchen to sit right next to me, one on either side. They watched me the entire time I worked. I went through hundreds of lines of code and I nearly missed the trace of the leak. But I caught it.  

"Ariel Sanders. He's a gifted hacker, I've met with him for a few different projects. He's not cheap." I stand up and walk toward my printer. I could feel the twin's eyes on me.  

I turn to them, paper in hand. "This is a list of his clientele. I've crossed the ones off that were absolutely not involved. There are only three possibilities left." I hand them the papers.  

"Pearl Russo, Jackie Colombo, and Iris Berlusconi." Antonio reads the three names.  

I cross my arms over my chest. The twins instantly look up at me. "I've included their addresses and most recent issues. That's all I can do. As for Ariel, his address is there as well." The nod their heads and stand up. "You should know, he wasn't the one who sent the photo to the newspaper. They had to have hand-mailed it."  

The twins look at each other and then walk toward me.  

Instantly, I'm crowded, forced tightly against the wall beside my desk.  

Antonio stands in front of me, one hand wrapped around my neck, the other pressed against the wall next to my head. Nicholas stands beside me, fingers tracing the waistband of my shorts, lips trailing along my neck.  

He traces a path to my ear. "Do you know how unbelievably gorgeous you are?"  

I look up into the eyes of Antonio as his hand goes from my neck to trace my cheek. "You look just like a fucking angel."  

I bring my bottom lip into my mouth, biting it lightly as Antonio's eyes zero in on the small movement.  

"Fucking tease." He leans down, grabbing me by my hair, to roughly press his mouth against mine. I moan as he nips at my mouth, giving him access to explore my mouth with his tongue. His hands go down my arms to my ass, and he hoists me up and wraps my legs around his hips. He pushes me further into the wall, pressing his rock-hard cock against my pussy through our clothes. 

He pulls away, letting me take a breath as he starts trailing bites and kisses all down one side of my neck. I open my eyes to see Nicholas is gone.  

"Nicholas?" I ask out loud.  

Antonio hums against my neck. "Sent Jacob home." He pulls away to look me in the eyes once more. "Where is your room?" 

"What?" I can't think, all I can focus on is the feeling of his dick pressed so tightly against me.  

"Your room? I don't think your couch can handle what we will do to you." 

"Across the hall."  

He forces his lips back to mine briefly before pulling away from the wall, his hands still holding me up by my ass. He squeezes the flesh tightly in his hands as he turns and walks out of the room. I lean forward and start peppering kisses along his jaw, his neck, and any piece of skin I can reach.  

He moans when I lightly nip at the space where his neck and shoulder meet.  

He stops in the middle of the hallway and pushes against the wall. The force of this action causes one of the pictures I had hanging to fall next to us. 

I look down at the broken frame on the floor, as does Antonio.  

"I would say sorry, but I'm not." 

I look back to see him staring at me, his eyes dark but a smile on his face.  

I pull his face back to mine and whisper across his lips. "Neither am I." 

Then, I force my lips against his.  

His tongue instantly enters my mouth again, tangling with mine. He thrusts against me, making me moan as his cock continues to rub against me. I just know my juices have soaked his slacks.  

One hand leaves my ass to reach into my shorts from the leg holes. He finds my soaking pussy immediately and rubs it slowly. He pulls his mouth away from mine and presses his forehead against mine.  

"You guys couldn't even make it to the bedroom?"  

I turn to face Nicholas, who stood a few feet next to us, right next to my bedroom.  

I blush as I notice the giant bulge in his slacks.  

"No, we couldn't." 

Antonio chuckles at my words and pulls us away from the wall again. He walks to my bedroom door and Nicholas opens it, letting us walk in before following behind us.  

Antonio walks straight to my bed and tosses me onto it. They both stand in front of me, big twin giants. 

Nicholas pulls me to sit up, gripping my throat and claiming my lips himself. His hands reach down and rip my top off, my shorts following straight after.  

I pull away and groan. "Those were my favorite pair." 

Nicholas chuckles and pushes me to lie back down as he stands right next to his twin again.  

"How many people have seen you like this?" 

"What do you mean?" I look up at them as they slowly begin to unbutton their shirts.  

"How many people have fucked you?" 


Antonio's fist clench.  

"Are you lying?" 

I sit up on my knees in front of them.  

"No one has ever fucked me." 

Antonio curses in Italian and turns around.  

"What's wrong?" I ask Nicholas as he starts to button his shirt up again.  

"We can't fuck you." He buttons up his last button and adjusts himself. "We don't do virgins." 

"You're fucking kidding me." 

I reach for one of my throw blankets. I walk out of my room, the twins following behind me. I reach the front door, open it, and turn to them. "Get out." 

Antonio exits quickly, not bothering to glance at me once.  

Nicholas pauses at the door next to me. He leans down and places a kiss on my cheek, then goes to my ear. "I wish more than anything that we could fuck that pussy, claim it."  

Then, he walks out of my house.  

I slam the front door shut.  

These assholes really had the nerve to leave me all wet like this. Who the fuck are they anyway?  

I march into my room, grab the clit vibrator from my top drawer, and drop the blanket from my body.  

I lay down on the bed, spreading my legs, and turn on the device to its highest setting. I bring it down to my clit and rub it, instantly feeling relief flow through me.  

It feels nothing like it was with them.  

Their fingers, god-damn. Nicholas' tongue?  

Nothing will ever be as good as them.  

Still, I bring myself to orgasm. Three times.  

The feeling is still there, the feeling of incompleteness.  

"Fucking assholes." 

I reach to my bedside drawer and put the damn vibrator away. I pull out my phone and scroll through the contacts.  

I find Jacobs and call him.  

He answers almost immediately.  

"Caroline! Thank god you're okay. I preferred not to leave you alone with them, but they made me leave!"  

"I know. Look," I sit up against the headboard of my bed. "I found the leak. The twins have the information already. But I need you to perform a system test. If I found it here on my end, then it's going to be even worse over there." 

"Can you do it? Please! You are the only one who can create a better firewall than me!" 

"Fine, but make sure it's without the twins." 

He sighs on the other end. "They are quite the scary duo, aren't they? I'll set up a visit for you and send you the details." 

I hang up the call and stand up. I start walking to my closet again when the front doorbell rings.  

Who the hell is here now?  

I walk to the door and look to see that the twins are standing on the other end.  

I pull the door open slightly, hiding behind it since I'm still naked. "What the hell are you guys doing back here?" 

They push their way in, slamming the door shut behind them as Antonio reaches for me again.  

"We need you." 

"I thought you don't do virgins." I look away from him as he hoists me back up.  

"We don't. But you? You are ours."

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What is with this obsession with the males having so many sexual experiences but the females having to remain virgins? Also why is she sleeping with 2 men she literally just met?!!!
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Don’t make it so easy for them…

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