Chapter 14


I was sure I didn’t sleep for more than a few hours, but I felt fully rested. After getting a shower and a fresh change of clothes on, I made my way down the stairs. Since I knew Sara was working the monitors, I went to see if she wouldn’t mind if I joined her.

“Well good morning sunshine. I hope you got some rest.” She said, sounding like the chipper Sara I first met, instead of the timid girl that came to my room a few hours ago.

I had barely entered the room before she greeted me. Her observations of her surroundings were at least good. Considering she didn’t even turn around when she spoke.

Sitting in the rolling chair that was next to her, I smiled at her. I didn’t know what it was about her exactly, yet I truly felt like we were friends. It didn’t make me feel so awkward.

“I did. If I am interrupting you, I can leave if you want. I was hoping to get a little insight on how things worked though. Since my job is to help safeguard everyone here, I thought this would be the
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