3; The woods


Dracah's eyes were flaming red as he glared at me, I knew better than to simp for him at a time like this so I looked away from him.

" I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to stare,” I said, then someone tapped me gently making me have a brief blackout.

“ Are you okay? You were mumbling something weird,” Nora said to me and I looked around, Dracah was seated with his friends on their table and they seemed really invested in whatever they were talking about. His eyes briefly met mine but I looked away.

“ So, Dracah didn’t talk to any...of us?” I asked and she scoffed.

“ Of course not, he just walked past us, ignored our giggles, and called his sweetheart Yvonne to sit with him. I don’t know what he sees in her.”  Nora said as we all settled down.

“ Wow, our Luna is really beautiful!” Reyona said and I turned to find her sitting in a chair surrounded by the betas that served Alpha Remorah.

“ When did she get here?” I wondered in my mind.

“ Everyone settle down, our Luna will address us now!” Zanon bellowed and we became even quieter than before as she adjusted in her seat and cleared her throat to speak. She was indeed very beautiful and her smile was very comforting.

“ Everyone, welcome to yet another beginning of the Lycan semester training. I’m not going to be here for long as I have to join my husband – your Alpha for a very important meeting.” She said and watched every one of us.

“All Omegas stand up!” she commanded and we all rose to our feet.

“ Now in an orderly manner arrange yourself in one line and I will place the chain around your neck, if it glows silver then you’ve become a beta, if it remains bronze then you did not make the cut!” she said and some of us whispered.

“ At least it won’t be so painful if we fail this time,” Keith said from behind me.

“ Why wouldn’t it?” I asked and he laughed.

“ Because, unlike Alpha Remorah, she’s compassionate. She won’t give us that judging glare,” he said and I sighed. 

Unlike him, it would hurt if I failed, either way, I wanted to be with Alan and Freya so badly. Since they became betas I’ve been the only one living at their family house with their parents while they lived in the Sage quarters where they received special training every day. 

I only got to see them when I came for wolf evaluations like this once every year and I cried every time I failed to make the cut. This time, I hoped I wouldn’t fail, else I guess what my father said about me being useless is true. 

Avery Tomray was the first person in the line, we all tilted our heads to see what the outcome would be and when Avery turned around with her necklace pendant glowing bronze our hopes were dashed. Some of the betas were seen snickering and I just wished I could wipe that smug expression from their faces. 

Fifty out of hundred of us had their ranks checked and not a soul made the cut, now it was Nora’s turn. I walked past Alan and Freya and they seemed tense as well, I didn’t want their tension to rub off on me so I looked away. 

Our Luna removed the necklace Nora wore, then she dipped it in a bowl placed next to her on her stool and when she placed it back on Nora's neck, it glowed silver! 

The betas roared in celebration and our Luna beamed a smile at Nora and said to her, “ you’ve worked hard, now go join your equals.” 

Nora bowed to her before she jumped excitedly and sat down with the betas who immediately started chatting with her.

“ I know you’re all excited but keep it down!” Zanon said and they all hushed.

Reyona was next and after her it was me. She didn’t scale through, I was supposed to be next but Keith stood in front of me. 

“ let me just get this over with,” he said and I allowed him, just then I felt someone’s eyes on me. I turned and found Dracah looking at me, his eyes were blue as he looked at me but when he turned to talk to Yvonne they became black. Why was he even looking at me? Am I also imagining that?

What the hell does this mean? Isn’t his eyes blue when he is happy or sees something he likes? I jolted out of my thoughts when Keith tapped me and said, “ failed again, see you later. We both know you can’t make the cut either, you were the worst today aside from that flip and dive.”

I was so angry with him how could he say something like that to me. He always underestimated me every chance he gets! 

I exhaled to control my temper before I stood before the Luna. She smiled at me before he removed my necklace and dipped its pendant in the bowl of water.

“ let’s see…” she said as she helped me wear the necklace, it glowed bronze and I bit my lip in regret and was already turning around when it suddenly changed its color to silver. Mine shined brighter than anyone else’s and the betas roared louder when they saw it. 

Their animated response to my rank made our Luna laugh softly as she cupped my cheeks, pulled me gently to herself, and whispered in my ears said,” I’ve watched you try so many times that this time around, I’m so impressed by your effort. You can sit down with Dracah and his friends, theirs glowed like yours last year and it means something. But if you’re scared of Dracah you can seat with the boy with dark hair that has been staring at you all day – I believe Alan is his name.” 

I was beyond surprised that she was talking to me like this, I got so shy that I just smiled at her and she pat me on my shoulder as I walked back to my seat. 

“ Where are you going, Emerald?” Alan asked and everyone laughed including me.

“ Damn I’ve been so used to failing that I didn’t realize I passed,” I said and he scooted over for me to join him when I did Freya bit her lip to stop herself from smiling but I caught that.

She shrugged when she saw the question on my face, but the answer soon came when Alan placed his hands over my shoulder and looked at me with the most lovestruck smile on his face. 

“ I’ve been dying for you to join us, princess, everyone meet Emerald,” he said and the boys made teasing sounds and I looked away from him but he tucked my hair behind my ear and the way my body reacted when his fingers touched my ears shocked me. I actually liked it! What is wrong with me? 

“ Hey don’t be shy, that’s a sign of weakness around here.” He whispered in my ears and I swallowed hard at the way his lips brushed my ears as he spoke. 

When the ranking process was over, our food was served and for the first time since I joined Wolf training I was able to eat what the betas ate; honey-garlic chicken thighs with carrot and broccoli!

“ Eat up!” Freya said to me and I smiled so wide that she and Alan laughed. 

“ When are you going to introduce us to your girlfriend Alan?” a blond boy with green eyes said and Alan almost choked on his food. 

“ Girlfriend? She’s not my girlfriend …” he said and I was going to confirm that when he added, “…yet,” with a mischievous smile and I stared at him. He just ate his chicken and licked his lips in the most sensual way I’d ever seen.

“ Stop staring Emerald,” he teased with a smirk and when I tried to deny it, they all gave me a teasing look and I covered my face in embarrassment while Alan laughed heartily. 

I smiled as I looked at my food, then I started eating right away but I could feel someone's eyes on me. I looked at Alan but he wasn't looking at me, then I looked at the table opposite us where Dracah sat with Yvonne and the other four betas. 

I almost choked on my food because Dracah was staring at me like he was the predator and I the prey. 

" Are you okay?" Freya asked me but I nodded my head and smiled at her. 

" I umm, I'm just gonna go outside for some fresh air," I said and got up from my bench. 

" It's dark outside, be careful," Alan said simply as he ate. 

I quickly went out through the exit door at the side. I stood under a tree and tried to control my breath and my heart rate. How could one look from Dracah which usually terrified me make me so excited and aroused?

I walked further into the woods surrounding the hall and suddenly felt at peace. I ran my hands through my hair thinking about the ways I would have to come up with just so I would never get caught as part Lycan. What if that is the reason why Dracah stares at me so much? Maybe he's starting to sense that I'm different - an enemy to his true nature. 

" What am I going to do?" I said as I closed my eyes and ran my hands through my hair again, but this time more aggressively - I was frustrated to always have a side to hide.

" Do about what?" I heard someone whisper in my ears and I opened my eyes and looked around me but no one was in the woods. Still, I felt a presence around me this time it was stronger. I turned around and I almost let out a scream but Dracah closed my mouth with his hand and pinned me to the tree. 

" Don't do that!" He said firmly and I nodded in submission. He slowly removed his hand from my mouth but his eyes lingered on my lips before he looked at me. 

" Did I scare you?" He asked and I nodded making him chuckle. The way his voice deepened as he did so made my body get hotter - oh God he mustn't find out! 

" Were you following me?" I managed to ask while he smirked  THAT was sexy as hell. I tried to move away from him but he placed his hands on my waist and looked me in the eye as he leaned closer. 

What was he going to do? Kiss me?! 

This isn't allowed! If he kisses me I would literally melt, I would -

I sucked in my breath when I felt his lips on my neck, I could feel both our temperatures rising and I knew that if he smelled me I may be dead for sure. 

" Dracah please, I can't-" I was saying but he sucked my skin in his mouth and I let out a moan. He wasn't even inside me yet and I was already wet in my panties. 

This had literally never happened to me before so I tried to summon my wolf to get the situation under control but before I could, Dracah smelled my hair and then my skin then he looked at me and said, "Why do you smell so ..." 

He looked like he was struggling to find the word to describe me but I didn't wait to find out what he would do when he figured it out, my wolf took over and threw him against a tree. 

" What are you doing? Run!" I said to her when she started whining as she saw him groaning on the ground. 

" Rue!" I yelled her name and she propelled me to run as fast as the wind until I got home then I jumped two feet high just to sneak in through my window. When I was safely in, I rummaged through my drawer and found Julee leaves, rubbing them around my body so that Dracah would not smell me. 

I covered myself in my sheets, barely sleeping all night for fear that Dracah would kill me.

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