Chapter 16_Getting up in the Ex's apartment

Marina woke to the familiar sensation of being crushed; she wriggled, pushing her shoulder backwards. Her boyfriend, Carl shifted his weight off of him slightly. He was spooning her from behind, breathing deeply into the back of her hair.

   Carl's heavy arm was draped over her, pinning her arms to her chest, he was holding her hand tightly, their fingers interlaced, his leg was slung casually over hers. Marina could feel the usual ‘morning glory’ pushing against the small of her back.

Marina feel a little headache as she could remember she came back late last night after partying with the class over their success in Completing highschool. She had went to bed with Carl, one of her boyfriends.

Marina quickly silenced her phone alarm and elbowed Carl in the stomach. “9 o'clock,” she mumbled sleepily, closing her eyes.

  She couldn't believe she had slept that long

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