Chapter 60


A glass cup was thrown at the door Immediately I stepped in, I ducked my head as fast as I could and the glass smashed against the wall. I turned to look at the now shattered pieces of the glass cup.


I turned to see the man responsible for it, he had a drink in his hand, looking too calm for someone who threw a glass cup at me seconds ago. I gulped down the pile in my throat as he smiled.

“Welcome.” He grinned rather scarily, gulping more of the drink down his throat. I took the liberty to look around but everywhere looked normal. Like it has always been.

“What happened with Penelope?” He asked and I shrugged, walking away from the door, to the living room. He raised his eyebrows on seeing my response. Smashing the glass of alcohol he had in his hand on the floor. I flinched hard as soon as I saw what he did, slowly glancing up at him to see blood dripping down his hand.

“I asked you a question, boy! I expect an answer.” He snarled angrily.

"How am I supposed to know wha
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