9 - Let's just say I hired the whole rooftop for you

Tony felt an unavoidable headache, being caught on the spot. If it were an emergency, he wouldn't mind carrying her because she was as light as a feather but the girl was fit with two legs. His resistance was duly based on the suspicion that Abigail was trying to seduce him, recalling what she said to Richard that an acquaintance if nurtured could grow into love. He wasn't buying that. If he didn't like her at first sight, then it wasn't going to change but the girl was outsmarting him and her wit was becoming more and more extreme.

Nevertheless, if she was planning to make him fall in love with her, then she could continue dreaming because that wasn't going to happen. With a clenched jaw, he stepped forward and attempted to lift her into his arms but Abigail took a step back, soaking him in a slush of confusion. "Your face looks scary. Can you smile a little?" Her voice was soft and pure,

Lucia Love

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Temienor Ochais
very interesting so far, it is awesome
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Very interesting story so far.... would like to see how their relationship develops....
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Julia Decker Kreiley
This story has been unique and a fun read. Great job!

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