11 - This changes nothing between us

'President Tonys' little wife flaunts her wits at the inauguration ceremony' - A picture of Tony smiling with Abigail beside him, facing the media was added to the caption.

'President Tony chooses his ex over his wife'- A picture of Abigail, Tony, Richard and Ashley in the garden were added.

'President Tony shows his true colours' - A picture of the misunderstanding during dining was added.

The last caption was what shook him to the core. 'Is President Tony in love with his little wife?' - A picture of him carrying Abigail in his arms was attached. From the smile on their faces, no one could tell it was forced. The details went on to question whether President Tony got over his ex so soon. It seemed a bit too early for him to move on but from the picture, they could tell that was the case.

Checking the comment section, most people didn't believe it, relating it to a ploy to cover up the embarrassment he caused his wife. Haters will always be haters an

Lucia Love

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Awwwn.. Isn't this story just sweet ! Suspense oooooo.. .........
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Sumaera Sheeraz
If Ivy told the truth of her husband’s death and the others, her son would probably stop whoring around. It is definitely should not Abigails’ (a wife’s) job to fix her husband’s disgusting habits. Wether they’re in an arranged, contractual, and or love marriage. Both parties have to work together.
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Bella Jersey
That receptionist over reached and lost her job

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