Chapter 6 -

Dingo POV

I got up and went to the door of the trailer, flicking on lights as I went. I met Brad at the entrance. He officially introduced me to Nolan as we all three tried to squeeze inside. Werewolves are usually large even in our human form and the three of us just didn’t fit in the tiny trailer. Brad announced he would close the truck I had left open and wait outside. I took Nolan back to where she was, quietly explaining all I knew along the way.

We shuffled around each other so that he was closer to the patient. He raised his eyebrows at the dog curled at her feet. Biscuit let out a menacing growl. I soothed the beast back down. Humans would have thought twice but a dog was hardly intimidating to a werewolf.

Nolan stepped up and was talking to himself. He set down a small black bag and began doing an initial check. He was very matter of fact and doctorly. He looked to be in his mid-fifties with grey hair and glasses.

“Dingo, right? Can y

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