"Thank you." Sumire was about to open the car's door when Mort locked it and suddenly grab her nape. He pull her for a hot and breatheless kiss.

"One ride, one kiss. That's my rule. Enjoy your day." He huskily uttered between their parted lips and let go of her. Mort then opens the car.

When the hunk finally left the place, only then Sumire came back to her senses. "I didn't ask for his ride." She utters in her mind, shaking her head, and went to Eiryss waiting for her.

The two maidens arrive at the little paradise and the sun is now in full control in the serene heaven. Its effects can be felt by everyone. It’s warm, and the air is filled with moisture from the sea. The ground is mildly warm, and the fine sand particles are glittering like scattered pieces of silver. The spectacular, flawless white beach stretches with no limit for the eye as it goes across the ocean so amazingly. Just gazing at the endless sands, as the sun’s rays rest on the waters freshly emerging from their resti
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