Letting out those five words to his older brother, he immediately hung up the phone. The young man didn't wait for Mort to answer him. He doesn't want to hear what his older brother has to say anymore. He's in desperate need of help. With his hopeless situation, Dieu thought escaping is futile. No matter where he looked outside the condo or at the bottom of the building, the number of the Mafia Lord's black cars increased by double. They look like a swarm of raven flocks in the same place. An omen that someone is about to meet his demise.

"What are they here for?" Dieu asked. He still has no idea why this is happening now. Even if he wanted to ask Mort for help, his pride wouldn't let him ask for it. Knowing his grandfather Don Zagreus, wouldn't lend a hand to get him out of this situation as well.

Dieu called his men but none of them answered him which is quite odd. It was very unusual for them not to answer his calls. Don't know what to do, Dieu walked back to the sofa, and wait for
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