Battle of survival

Darcus - POV

"Do not be concerned about the Wolf Realm. I have already infiltrated rogues pretending to be members of the pack, and they are bringing the wolf clan to its knees." Blair said with a smirk, and so did Elliot, and Arya smirked as they drank from their glass. James had Archer in his hands and had subdued his beast.

"Why couldn't you get rid of James' new tribe?" Elliot inquired as he set down the drink.

"I followed the spy that day with the purpose of eliminating James' new clan. I did not know James was going to be there, so I had to escape. My gut had a sense that it may establish these alliances because of the protective contract that Ella's father made with her bastard of a pact that he had with James and wolves. Old Hart devised a strategy as if he knew what the future would bring." Blair spoke, and Elliot sat in deep thought while Ruke sat drinking.

"I will murder you since you assassinated my father, and now you're badmouthing him," Ella said in a vehement voice. It
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