Chapter 58

Nicole's POV

"I'm sure you were in a hurry. You liar, that is what you rich people say when you try to kill us poor people. I am calling the police" he threatened.

The police! What?. No he can't do that, they are the last kind of trouble I am looking for right now.

"Please don't do that. I will do anything you ask but don't call the police" I begged.

"Ok I won't call the police but I want you to pay for the damages you almost cost my car" he demanded rather forcefully.

His car wasn't even scratched and he is demanding money.

"Ok fine" I brought out 3000 dollars and gave it to him. I drove off immediately.

I didn't want him to start demanding more.

When I got to the office. I could barely believe the scenario I met at the office. There were so many journalists and cameramen that I had to cover my face and go through the back door. The crowd was just too much, I could have gotten trampled upon.

"Nicole, what I'm I hearing?" Cole screamed the moment I stepped into my office only to meet
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