“It’s too good to know that you’re back. Was it for good?” Deborah’s annoying face greeted me.

“Spare me some peace, I need a rest.” I coldly shot back before heading to bed but then felt a hand gripping tightly on my shoulder.

“Still a b*tch huh?”

“How about the officer you killed? Was the punishment already included in your verdict?” She asked. I rolled my eyes and shrugged her hands off.

“Leave me alone,” I commented.

The latter doesn’t seem to understand what that means as she kicks me hard to my back which made me land on the bed forcefully, I bit my lip when my stomach hit the edge of the bed.

“You’re still hard-headed aren’t you? I only let you attack me the other day but that doesn’t mean that I’ll let it pass. Hold her!”

Before I could even recover, Miriam and the other one I forgot the name hold my arms, as they force me to face Deborah.

“In this place, I’m the queen! So learn to respect me and kneel if you don’t want to die here!” She exclaimed. The two were forcing me onto
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