Come on, kitty cat. [18+]

Sarah pov

I stare at Lazarus as if he just grew another head in front of my eyes. All my life, I've been told that men can't hold themselves away from what they want, from what they desire, and definitely can't fight their nature.

Yet, here he is, a perfect example of how it's possible. Out of all men, Alphas are the ones who have the most intense animalistic instincts, and somehow, Lazarus still stands here and offers me a choice despite everything I've ever been taught.

I gulp and shake my head. "No," the word leaves my lips as a whisper, so I clear my throat. "I might be nervous because this is my first time, well, it will be my first time sharing my body with two men at the same time, but I want it. It's one of those fantasies I've always been too scared to fulfil, but I trust you both. I know that you and Lenox won't hurt me, so I want it. Please."

Lazarus keeps staring into my eyes as if he seeks even the tiniest bit of doubt or fear, but I assume he can't find it because he
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Ashley Alyssa
howwwwwwww could you leave us hanging like this?......
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K.K. Winter
You're saying that after a double update. RIP lol
goodnovel comment avatar
No....worst cliff hanger ... I want more!

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