Double chocolate chip cookie!

Lazarus pov

I didn't know what to expect once the doctor returned, but maybe a tiny part of me hoped she wasn't pregnant just yet. I want Sarah to carry our children, but I don't want her to feel as if she's forced to stay with us for the sake of the child.

What we have, whatever it truly is, is too fresh and raw to set up boundaries and make it official. Sure, these news might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to us, but I don't want to pressure her.

Millions of thoughts run through my mind, but as usual, Lenox is there to fade everything. He turns to us and grins, opening his arms, "Brothers, we are pregnant. Get ready to chase the kiddos; we're going to be dads!"

He almost runs at Luka and me to pull us into a tight hug. I'm more than happy to hold my brothers like this. These guys, Sarah and our future babies are all I need to feel complete. Alister will finally have a sibling.

"I knew my thing for creme pies might turn around and bite my ass, but shit, this is a
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Paige Keese
Lmao it’s the bricks fault even if I threw it
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Shauna Dunn Figler
I hope we are not done yet ! I love this book
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Donna DeNardo Grogan
I so don't want this to end...

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