Lola didn't like the look in his eyes. But whatever he planned to do, he should catch her first. She expected his reaction and prepared to escape.

"Tsk tsk. Catch me if you can" Lola taunted him and winked to rile him up.

That worked like a charm. Lucas narrowed his eyes and took a few steps towards her, only to slide to a stop. He looked down to find oil under his feet. Slowly he raised his head and gave Lola a pointed look.

"You shouldn't have done this princess. You will pay for this" he warned her.

Lola smirked and left the house with an extra pep in her step. Lucas can easily follow behind her, but where is the fun in that. She will come back and he will be ready for her.

Lola wandered aimlessly all over the island, but she didn't find another soul. She munched on the fruits she picked that morning. When the sun began to set, she walked back towards the mansion disheartened that she couldn't find anything to escape from this island.

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