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Present: Lucas looked at his blue hair with a sigh. He just came out of the shower and noticed his jet black hair has turned neon blue.  "Lola" he muttered to himself. One kiss is all it took to rile her up. One kiss and she declared war on him. Now she is doing everything to irritate him and its working. "I think you want me to kiss you again" he thought with a smirk. He snapped his hand and his hair turned back into their original colour. "Now its time to pay for this with a kiss" he thought with a grin. He enjoys it and he knows she hates it. That why he kiss her to irritate her. Atleast that's what he keep telling himself. 2 weeks ago: Lola Reynolds is the daughter of the king of the underworld, Lucifer. He loves Lola very much. He adores her more than anything in the world. He can go to any lengths if it comes to his precious daughter Lola. "Father? What a surprise! Is there anything I can help you wit
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Change of plan
Lucas carefully deposited the tempting beauty in his arms on the bed in his guest room. She is tempting his self-control in her small pink silk bathrobe, which barely reaches her upper thighs.  'It's not her mistake that you kidnapped her from her room. You didn't give her time to get dressed ' he scolded himself. He averted his gaze from her soft milk-white legs with difficulty. He wanted to caress her soft porcelain skin. 'What the hell is wrong with me? Why is it so difficult to control myself today? It's not like I never saw a beautiful woman before. But no one managed to tempt me like this one. She is not even trying anything ' he thought to himself with a frown. He shook his head and left the room with a long purpose full strides. Lucas walked into his home office to call Michael. He clearly remembers the day when Michael came to him with a proposal. Two days ago... Lucas was busy with the new chain of restaurants he planned
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Lola woke up feeling disoriented. Slowly she sat up holding her head with a groan."Why do I feel like I drank too much last night?" She muttered to herself with a frown. Slowly she opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times to adjust to the bright light streaming into the room. The moment her eyes adjusted to her surroundings, she began to panic looking at the unfamiliar room. The room is huge, almost double the size of her own room in the underworld. She looked at herself and sighed with relief when she found that her pink robe is intact and nothing seems to be out of place in her body. She clenched her feminine walls to rule out what she is suspecting is not true."Ok, I am still a virgin and I didn't sleep with anyone last night. Then where the hell am I?" She wondered out loud.The thought that she might have been kidnapped not even crossed her mind. She is the princess of the underworld, and no one would dare to touch her, let
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"Let me go," she asked softly. She gave him her best damsel in distress look.Lucas gave her a blank stare. He understood she is pretending to be innocent. He closely observed the woman standing in front of him. Despite her innocent looks, she is not at all innocent. Her ears twitched, indicating that she is trying to gauge her surroundings.Her senses began to take in her surroundings. She never let her gaze waver from her kidnapper. By the sound of the waves crashing near the shore, she understood that they are near a beach. She tried to listen closely to any other voices to confirm that she is not alone with him. But she could not hear any other human voice or presence nearby.'Of course, why will he allow anyone else to witness his crime ' she thought feeling the weight of her situation finally sinking on her shoulders. Lucas turned back to his laptop once again and ignored the woman, or at least he tried to ignore her."The door is open,
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Lucas didn't see Lola for the rest of the day. He didn't bother to go search for her. There is absolutely nowhere she could go. She has to stay on this island until he says otherwise. He dealt with his business working from the island for the rest of the day. The island is his private lair. Apart from his magic, no other magic works here. This is the only place where he can safely hide Lola, without being detected by her father Lucifer. He cooked his dinner alone and ate it by himself. He doesn't like to crowd his private space with people like extra maids and servants. More than a few workers are employed to take care of his horses, and they will come and clean the property if the need arises. He can manage small things like cooking and cleaning after himself. So Lola has to cook her meals if she wants to survive. He is not intending to act like a gracious host. He stocked up the pantry to last for a month.  Fresh fruits and vegetables would be
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Lola didn't like the look in his eyes. But whatever he planned to do, he should catch her first. She expected his reaction and prepared to escape. "Tsk tsk. Catch me if you can" Lola taunted him and winked to rile him up. That worked like a charm. Lucas narrowed his eyes and took a few steps towards her, only to slide to a stop. He looked down to find oil under his feet. Slowly he raised his head and gave Lola a pointed look. "You shouldn't have done this princess. You will pay for this" he warned her. Lola smirked and left the house with an extra pep in her step. Lucas can easily follow behind her, but where is the fun in that. She will come back and he will be ready for her. Lola wandered aimlessly all over the island, but she didn't find another soul. She munched on the fruits she picked that morning. When the sun began to set, she walked back towards the mansion disheartened that she couldn't find anything to escape from this island.
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"Now let's talk about your punishment" he declared, scaring the shit out of her.  Lola knows about what kind of punishment he is talking about. Yesterday when he kissed her, she couldn't sleep because all she could think about is his kiss. If one kiss could make her think about it for the whole night, then what would his second kiss do? And moreover, he is the first man who dared to even touch her, let alone kissing.  By the look on her face, Lucas understood that she knows what kind of punishment it would be. She is scared by the kiss, which amused him. Women usually bend backwards for his attention, but this one doesn't want to do anything with him. He is already standing near her, and he took a step closer to her to erase the distance between them. Lola took a step back, only to realise that she is trapped between him and the door. Her eyes widened with fear. She tried to dart to her right, but he blocked her path by placing his arms on both side
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The next morning, Lucas woke up feeling itchy all over. No matter how much he scratched, he felt itching again. He frowned with confusion."What the hell? why do I feel like my body is on fire?" he thought out loud. That's when he noticed something green peeking from under the bedding. He removed the covers and is shocked to find half-dried leaves lying there. Upon close observation, he noticed what those leaves are."Itching leaves?" he muttered with irritation.These leaves are found on this island and he came across them when he first bought this island. He can easily guess how they came inside his mansion."Lola" he murmured. A slow smile stretched on his lips.This woman is making every day quite interesting. He is eager to see what she would do next and he is looking forward to getting even with her. And then comes her punishment. He frowned at the punishment part. He feels like he is getting too tangled up with this woman.'Am I takin
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Lucas decided to work on the patio outside the house. The dining area overlooks the patio, which had tiled flooring and chairs arranged around a small round table. After half an hour, he smelt like something is burning in the house. He frowned.'Is she burning the house down ?' he thought and rushed inside to see what is going on.When he walked inside the kitchen, he is shocked to see the mess she made. The floor and the kitchen counter are littered with broken eggs and eggshells. Her legs and apron are covered with the same. The burning smell is coming from the pan, where she burned the eggs which managed to put in the pan.He never saw someone cook so horribly."What the hell is this?" he asked with shock.Lola looked at him with a frown."I already told you that I don't know how to cook" she mumbled.Lucas rubbed his temples with a heavy sigh. He thought she was lying. So he forced her to cook. He didn't know that she
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The next morning, Lucas looked at his blue hair with a sigh. He just came out of the shower and noticed his jet black hair has turned neon blue.  "Lola" he muttered to himself. He thought she might not attempt another prank, and strangely that thought made him feel unsettled. He came to enjoy her naughty pranks, even though his expensive expresso machine is ruined. He dressed quickly, as the anticipation of punishing her began to ride high in his veins. When he went down, she is nowhere to be found.  ' Where is she? ' he thought with a frown. He casually looked around for her, but he didn't find her in the mansion.  'She must be hiding somewhere. She must have guessed that I will come and punish her. That's why she ran away ' he understood. That thought actually made him smile at her antiques. He poured himself a glass of orange juice before getting back to work. The moment he opened his laptop, water began to ru
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