Chapter Eighty Seven


I feel something pull at my hair. Like someone trying to pick a strand of my hair from my head and without thinking too much about it, I swat at the hand over my head but then I hear someone giggling - a familiar giggle and I lift my head sharply.

I'm hoping it's her but there's nothing. She doesn't move and my shoulders slump. It's just been twenty four hours and kinda too early for a miracle but I hope one will happen soon.

"Why do you look so downcast Your Highness?". Joni asks me.

I look around the room in shock until I see her sitting on the sofa with a strawberry smoothie in one hand and sandwich in the other.

"Am I dreaming?". I croak out.

"Maybe." She laughs.

I look her over and see that she's dressed in a white and red polka dot gown with white wedges to match. Her hair is packed up in a loose bun and she's wearing the diamond earrings I gave her for Christmas.

"You look beautiful." I say.

"Too bad it's not 14th yet." She pouts. "I wanted to go to that dance."

"You can.
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