Risk It All

Risk It All

By:  maria adelle  Updated just now
Language: English
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Three years—that's how long Braelyn has been hiding her true feelings for her best friend, Caesar. Yes, she has been secretly in love with her best friend for three years and intends to keep it that way for the rest of her life. She can't let him know, or she might lose him forever. But how long will she be able to suppress her true feelings? How long will she be able to hold back when all Caesar does is make her fall in love with him even more? Will she keep all the hurt and pain she feels whenever Caesar is with someone else? Will Braelyn still be able to keep her feelings a secret? Or will she finally confess and risk it all to finally be with Caesar?

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6 Chapters
Year 2023 I smiled as I looked in the mirror. I rarely compliment myself, but I thought I looked lovely today. Unlike usual, my long, wavy black hair is neatly wrapped into a bun with no hair strands falling onto my face. Because I felt uncomfortable with heavy makeup, I asked the makeup artist to apply light makeup to my face. I was still smiling and staring at myself in the mirror when I heard a knock on the door. I turned around to see who it was, and my smile grew even wider when I saw who it was. "You're beautiful," he said, looking at me. "Thanks." "Are you okay? Are you nervous? Do you get cold feet?" "I'm nervous, but not enough to flee." He laughed. "Well, then, are you ready?" I excitedly nodded and replied, "Yes, I am ready."
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Chapter 1
Year 2012 "Good morning, gorgeous!" "Good morning, Braelyn!""Hi, Braelyn!" "Hey, Braelyn!""What's up, Braelyn?" Those were the usual greetings I received from my classmates, schoolmates, and even the security guard when I stepped onto the school grounds. And, as usual, I replied, "Good morning," to them with a sweet smile, which has become a daily habit for me.I was already on my way to my classroom, my hands gripping the slings of my bag pack tightly, still smiling, when I noticed my dear and longtime best friend, and also my classmate, Caesar, standing on one of the benches near a particular classroom, staring at something, or more accurately, at someone.I slowly approached Caesar, sneaking from behind his back to surprise him. And when I was finally behind him, I tapped his left shoulder and greeted him very loudly, "Good morning!"Caesar slightly jumped and grunted, then turned to me with wide eyes. "Brae!" he exclaimed.Brae. That is my nickname. Only my parents, older bro
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Chapter 2
"Let me go, Brae; I'm not going with you!" Caesar says, trying to stay anchored in his seat and avoid being dragged by me. "No, you're going with me," I said quickly, tugging him by the hand and compelling him to get out of his seat and accompany me to the SSG meeting. "Rhea will be there, and it will be an opportunity for you to get to know her personally; this is the first step in getting close to her, so don't pass it up." "I've already told you that I don't want to!" "Stop being stubborn, and just do what I tell you; this is for your own good, okay? Do you want to finish high school without knowing what it's like to be in a relationship, or even just confessing to someone?" "You sound as if you've already confessed to someone or have been in a relationship." "I haven't confessed to anyone yet, but I've already received numerous confessions, whereas you haven't." "I'm still not going with you, so let go of my hand and leave me alone." "Not even a chance." "Brae!" "Brael
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Chapter 3
"She said what?" gasped my cousin Raine when I informed her about my conversation with Rhea yesterday. Today is Saturday, and there is no class, so I went to see my closest cousin, Raine, to chat with her and express my honest feelings. Raine was aware of my feelings for Caesar, which allowed me to tell her everything. So here we are, in her room, discussing the surprising events between me, Caesar, and Rhea yesterday. "So you're saying Caesar likes Rhea, and Rhea likes Caesar, and she wanted your help getting close to him?" Raine remarked, echoing what I said to her, to which I merely nodded. "Wow. What a surprising turn of events. Who would have guessed Ms. Perfect has a thing for your stoic best friend? I mean, I get why you fell for Caesar since you and he have been inseparable since you were kids, so you've probably seen something in him that I don't. But what about Rhea? That Rhea, whom you characterized as a saint and adored by many students and teachers at your school, has
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Chapter 4
My brow furrowed as I locked my gaze on Caesar, who was tapping away on his phone. It's Sunday, and as our families have done since Caesar and I were born, we all gathered at church for the Mass. And here's Caesar, sitting right next to me but paying no attention to anyone or anything except his phone. He's been on his phone since we were on our way to the church, and it's been over fifteen minutes since we arrived, and he's still on his phone. I couldn't handle it any longer and demanded his attention. "Stop using your phone. We're inside the church now," I stated quietly but firmly. "Because the mass hasn't begun yet, using phones is still permitted," he reasoned without glancing at me. I was taken aback. This is the first time Caesar has become obsessed with his phone, as he is usually preoccupied with his books. "Is that Rhea?" I inquired nonchalantly. "Hmm?" "Is that Rhea you're texting with right now?" "Yeah." I couldn't help but raise my brow when I heard Caesar's di
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Chapter 5
"Hi, Brae!" I turned to face the source of the familiar voice that had called my name and saw Rhea approaching. On her lips was a broad, pleasant smile.I wanted to give her the same warm and pleasant smile, but both my thoughts and emotions were failing me. Nonetheless, I managed to maintain a tiny and casual smile on my face as I gazed at Rhea, who never failed to capture people's attention with her beauty.As I glanced at Rhea, time appeared to slow down, causing me to realize a few things.I haven't asked Caesar why he fell in love with Rhea, but one glance at her and I can tell why. Rhea is stunning, but that isn't the only reason people are drawn to her. Aside from her lovely features, she has a kind heart and is a very clever woman. Overall, she is well out of my league. "Hey!" Rhea, who I hadn't realized was already directly in front of me, called out to me again, which was what brought me back from my deep thoughts.Because I was seated on a cement bench with a table encirc
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