A Dare To Kiss The Bad Boy

A Dare To Kiss The Bad Boy

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Ivy Young is a final year student whose only aim is to study hard, have good grades and get a scholarship to college. Everything is going according to her plans until she crosses the path of the school bad boy, Romeo Sparks. When Ivy attended a party and got into a TRUTH or DARE game with him. Her first kiss is to be taken by him or she dates him for a month. He is a school playboy and she is just a school nerd. He is dangerous. He is reckless. He is too bad for Ivy.

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43 Chapters
Everyone has different lifestyles, different aims and goals. As for me, I've always been known as the nice girl. Even my best friend, Joey, would always say that I look too innocent and naive to be true; too good for anyone. Ever since dad died of lung cancer, I gave up on being friends with much people. My two best friends betrayed me and then taunted me about my father's death. Since then, I've worked very hard to have good grades in school in order to attain a scholarship after high school to relieve mom. Those had been my utmost priority before this lame party came up . Here I stood dressed in a body hugging knee length dress. Large blue eyes, pale blonde hair because that's who I am. Who Ivy Young. My eyes scanned my body and my pretty dress. If I'm truthful enough, I would say I look hot. This had been Joey's choosing not mine. My brows drew together."Is this dress not a little short?" I asked, blinking my eyelashes rapidly. Joey turned to look at me, her honey brown eyes wide
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I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to forget what just happened, the way Romeo Sparks saved and how I acted like a typical dummy.I did the only thing left for me to do. I ran outside to look for joey.The minute I got outside, I spotted Joey among the crowd dancing heartily with Jake. Seems like everything went well. I gripped her and pulled her outside, not minding the stares we were receiving from some people.****Things moved very fast, Saturday gone, Sunday gone and here comes Monday. For the first time in my life I was thinking of skipping school to avoid seeking Romeo.Oh Romeo!Even the thought of his name made my heart race.What will I tell him?Will I thank him?Many thoughts ran through my mind as I got dressed.He probably won't recognize me. I don't think I have any class with him, all I have to do is avoid getting in his way.It was in English class that I finally realized my prayer didn't get answered anyway. You know that feeling you get when you are feeling someone is
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The whole car ride was in complete silence. I glanced over at Romeo, he was chewing his jaws so hard. His hands in the steering were so tight that his knuckles were white. Why is he always angry?A couple of minutes later, we pulled up in front of my house.How did he know I live here? I looked over to him to ask but was interrupted.His brows drew together."Stop staring at me and get out!" He practically raised his voice.What the hell? I haven't done anything so why leach his anger out on me? "Don't raise your voice at me" I retorted, becoming angry at myself.I got out of his car without saying a thank you. He doesn't deserve one anyway.Since it was Friday night, I was in bed doing the usual. I was browsing the latest movies on Netflix when Joey rang me."Hey Ivy, I wanted to text but I knew you'll be awake so I figured I could call instead."Joey's voice sounds rushed.Like how you'll talk when trying to wear a really tight shoe.Either way I've missed her voice. I was ripped aw
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A line appeared between my brows. I glanced around the room and they all looked hopeless. No one could help me.I swallowed a gulp down my throat."I'm not letting anyone kiss me and I don't care what the penalty is."I blurted out. I stood up immediately. I knew it was a wrong idea coming to this lame party in the first place. Nothing good ever comes out of it. I just lost my kiss to the school's baddest guy. It's now obvious that I'm a dummy. Why was I thinking? I kissed Romeo in front of everyone, like someone who has been craving for a kiss.I wobbled through the crowd as I managed to find the front door. I tried hard not to cry.I don't know how long I've been standing there, until a figure showed up behind me."I'm sorry about what happened earlier."I heard a voice behind me. I freaked out and spun around."I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."Jake apologized and I gave him an assuring smile. "Where is Joey?"I asked him. "She has passed out. I've put her in one of the bedroo
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"Romeo, what the hell are you doing? He's only being nice."I yelled then pulled Xander away from his grip."Like, fuck nice."Romeo yelled back. I don't want to fucking see him around you.""You can't order me around, I'm not your fucking girlfriend."I snapped at him and the whole audience gasps. If looks could kill, I would have been six feet under with the ground with the look Romeo gave me. He gazed at me for a very long time before walking away. I heaved a sigh of relief when he was finally out of sight.Poor Xander!"Are you okay?" I asked. He nodded his head in the affirmative and gave me his best smile. I squatted to check if he sustained an injury, with the way Romeo slammed him against the wall. Thankfully, he didn't have any wounds. "Should we go to the school hospital?"I offered, then pulled him up. He forced a smile."I'll be fine Ivy, you should go before Romeo comes back."Fuck Romeo and his temper! I turned back and went to Joey's locker."You'll never guess what Rom
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This beautiful moment was ruined when my phone rang. I pushed myself off his lap as my cheeks turned pink.Romeo cleared his throat."Well.."He trailed off. I checked the caller. It was my mother. I quickly picked the call. "Mom."I said, my voice coming out rasped. Mom didn't say something really important. She just called to ask about my welfare and that she would be late tonight. "Bye mom."I muttered, then I hung up the call. Silence reigned in my room and it was uncomfortable. None of us talked for a few minutes."Get a shower, we're going out."Romeo told me. "Where are we going?"I questioned him. He shot me a wink."Just get a shower, pumpkin. I will be waiting for you."*After taking a shower and putting on some neat clothes, it took me a really long time before I could find the courage to get out and face Romeo. What the heck just happened earlier! I could still feel wetness from the intimate moment earlier. I've never felt like this in my whole life. Is that what sex look
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"Hey Phillips! Where is my mom?" I asked my mom's boyfriend as I walked inside our living room.Phillips and my mom have been seeing each other for a few months now. It's becoming something serious and I kinda liked Philips too, he used to treat me as if I was his biological daughter."She went to get some groceries, she should be back soon,"Phillips replied. "Okay. I'll just take a shower"I'll be meeting Romeo's mother in the evening. I'm really nervous. Even though this is not a real thing, I still feel nauseous. Romeo will be picking me anytime soon. Calling Joey made me feel better. She gave me the encouragement I needed.When I came downstairs, I met Philips and Romeo.Oh God no! This is no good. Why did you come early?"What's going on?"I queried them.I took in the scene before me. Romeo was sitting between my mom and Phillips laughing off to only what God knows.My mom winked at me."You look hot in that dress girl, right Romeo?""You didn't tell me you have a date,"Philips
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The door of my room creaked open. I closed my eyes properly, pretending as if I was sleeping. Pretending to sleep is the only thing I could do in order to skip school. Talking to my mother about the situation is so useless."Won't you go to school today? It's almost 8pm."My mother's high-pitched voice resounded in my head.I didn't give her a response, still pretending to sleep. She should get out of my room. I don't want anyone to bother me this morning. "Ivy, stand up as soon as possible. I know that you're not sleeping. It's pretty obvious."She snapped at me. I lifted my shoulder in a half shrug as I opened my eyes."What?"I yawned lazily with a frown on my face. "You're late for school, girl. Go and have your bath, you need to go to school."She instructed me. "I don't wanna go to school."I muttered under my breath. She folded her arms over her chest, her eyebrows furrowed."Why?"My jaw dropped. I thought I had said it silently, so she heard me. Well, it is even better that wa
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He lifted an eyebrow, gazing at me with disbelief."You don't have a fûcking right to shout at me, pussy.""Mind your language, Romeo."Mr Banks shouted at him.Although Mr Banks has intervened, I won't let it slide. He just used two dirty languages on me, 'fucking' and ' pussy '. Who the heck does this asshole think he was? "You don't tell you what to do, Old Roger.''Romeo retorted, which made the whole class burst into laughter. What he said was definitely funny but it was damn rude. How would he talk to our English teacher in that manner? I turned to him, glaring at him."You're fûcking rude, low life dick."His brows snapped together."Low life dick? What the fuck does it mean? You just called my dick ' low life '. The dick you have been craving for. The dick that would make you paralyzed. The dick that would take your damn virginity."My hands tightened into fists. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing could come out.All what he said really affected me and they rendered
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"Are you deaf?"His husky voice jerked me into reverie. I quickly recovered from the shock that I found him here and braced myself. I shouldn't act like a dummy, especially in his presence. I let out a loud hiss."What?"I asked rather rudely. His brows drew together."What the fuck are you doing here, dummy?"He repeated the question he asked earlier. I lifted an eyebrow."I'm not a dummy. By the way, I should be asking you the same question, dickhead."I retorted."I'm just gonna act like I didn't hear the last word you said."He scoffed."Good for you, dickhead."I said sarcastically. I don't know why, but I like how I'm attacking him with my words and that the attacks have an effect on him. I'm so proud of myself. Maybe, this would be one of my little ways of getting revenge from him for treating me like trash. He moved an inch closer to me, but I pulled back instantly. Not that I'm scared, I don't wanna catch a strong whiff of his cologne. I don't even want the familiar scent of his
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