Chapter 11 Bitter Taste

"She had resigned three days ago, Mr. Wright" Ben reported after he was ordered to ask for Zia in her office.

Raising his gaze to Ben, he halts signing the documents on his table.

" No one knows where she was right now, even her close friend, Miss Trina" Ben added after he remains quiet.

"Excuse Mr. Wright, this came in just now" before he could reply to Ben, his secretary interrupted. After handing him the envelope, she stood at the side.

"What is this? Discount coupons?" he irritatedly exclaims while tossing the envelope towards the woman. The cards scattered and something caught his attention.

Quickly, he grabs one of the cards and inspects it. The name written in it is very familiar to him. 

Flipping the card, he carefully reads before grabbing his phone.

He dials the number indicated on the card and he didn't wait long before it was answered.

"Sam's Boutique and Rentals, this is May, how may I help you?" 

"I received a disc
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goodnovel comment avatar
Theresa Pollock
to late she's gone you mess up
goodnovel comment avatar
Fhe Trinidad
you never know the "value of rhing or person" until you lost it, like what Mr. Wright had
goodnovel comment avatar
Rhoda Bhodho
Mr Wright do you know what you want

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