Chapter 24 Left Alone

"He will be prepared for the surgery. Blood and several physical tests will be performed to ensure his body could endure the procedure. The specialists have already been informed and we are waiting for the confirmation of their availability. The soonest we could perform the surgery, the better for his recovery. Hopefully, it will be in time for his tests to be released. Waiting could be crucial for his frail heart" the resident doctor carefully explains after Lexie had settled the surgery payment. 

"Thank you, doctor. Please help us get the soonest schedule of the specialists" Lexie politely pleaded.

"Don't worry, ma'am. We are prioritizing the severity of the case and he is on the list" the young doctor warmly smiles.

"Thank you, doctor" she gratefully exclaims before he went out.

"Mama..." a weak soft voice made her rush to the bed.

"Hello, my dear Lucy..." she tenderly smiles while caressing the boy's pale face.

"I want candy..." the boy pursed
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Theresa Pollock
love reading this book
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Jonthan Polido
very interesting story ...️
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Jovei Dalumay
nice story,

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