Chapter 92 Public Fun

After the conference at the principal's office, all parties departed with an amicable settlement.

Alek was somehow pacified by the assurance from the parents of the three boys. But not before he made another warning.

"You three must tell everyone around here that I won't be tolerant of any provocation. You all heed my warning or I will deal with all of you myself" Alek's last words to the boys who fearfully nod at him.

He even coldly glares at them before turning away to join their parents who are still in conversation with the other parents and the principal.

"Lucy and Alek beat those boys?" Lucien asks the head security of his sons after he stayed outside to give his instructions.

The boys were already with their mother inside the vehicle.

"Yes, boss. The food tray did the trick. The school might reconsider using those food trays and might regard them as deadly for the children" Allen proudly and amusingly relayed to Lucien.

Lucien stares at his man, trying to imagine what his s
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