Chapter 18

“ Please…” I begged him while daddy penetrated inside me.

“ Hmm, I know what you want,” He said, playing with my Bud. They are already sore because he has already sucked them the whole night. It's morning at 3 am, but he is punishing me. My cycle was over last night and he is giving me, just punishing me because I didn't agree with his decision.

“ Daddy, please,” I said with a pleading eye. The entire night, he kissed my full body but didn't let me come, and he also has not come yet. Nobody believes me, but he seriously tortured me from midnight.

“Do you know why are you getting punishment?” He said coming to my lips.

“ Sorry, But please let me come,” I said frustrated with sexual tension.

“So you agree,” He asked smirking like the devil.

“I will think about that,” I said putting my hand on his neck, so I can kiss him.

“ I want a positive reply,” He said smashing his lips on mine.

“ Please make me come,” I ask once we pulled apart from our passionate kiss.

“ Hmm” He moans while kissing
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