Chapter 179: Cyrus And Your Wife Got In Trending Search!

Edward's matter had been exposed, and it had affected Ellena as well.

In the past, when she was in the Smith Group, her colleagues could more or less find some balance due to Edward being a "cripple," so they would also talk to Ellena.

Now that Edward's matter was exposed, the way those colleagues looked at Ellena had changed. They were trying to please her, but they were also looking down on her.

Perhaps they thought that Ellena had lied to them.

Ellena could more or less guess what they were thinking. So it doesn't really matter.

"That Ellena usually pretends to be so pitiful. To think that we are so good to her. In the end, Edward is just a normal healthy person. Who knows how she will laugh at us in secret."

"Don't say it like that. Maybe she knows it herself now."

"Forget it. How could she not know?"

"Forget it. Look at this trending search. Movie King Cyrus, he..."

The women walked out as they talked. Their voices soon disappeared.

Ellena stood in the bathroom. She hea
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