Çhapter 3


I watch the both of them gaze at each other, the look of fondness, I know this feeling I get it Everytime I see my mate she makes me go crazy with just a smile, but whatever fondness this is it would ruin them both,, 

   I don't like Arthur , we are a twin but I've never felt like we really are equal, when Arthur shifted and I didn't I became detached from him, ever since then I've never really felt close to him anymore, it felt like our twin bond was detached and was replaced by something else,   but William has always being a friend all through my childhood till now, I felt broken whemmi found out he and Arthur were hooking up, somewhere deep inside of me I know the fact that I loved William but he chose Arthur over me, I guess the first one won Arthur asked him out before I did, I felt betrayed and a little more reason for my hatred towards Arthur to increase but I couldn't do anything because whatever happens William would also be punished , Arthur would survive afterall he's an alpha but I'm not so sure about William , he's just an Omega not even a beta he might not make it,

    After hearing the ridiculous announcement during the pack meeting that I would be made alpha made me come to a quick decision , of everything I could wish for being an alpha isn't what I want, I must admit I don't posses what it takes to be an alpha it's probably for the best if Arthur takes his place afterall it's being his birthright 

" Can you both stop staring at each other that way, it looks like Arthur would jump you anytime from now , back to the disappointment, William I know my brother is zero headed but I expected more from you, I've given you both years to fool around now it's time for it to come to an end"


  I look at William he understands, he seems to have no expression but I know he's sure it's the best thing to do, I look away from William and back to Arthur, 

"oh no this is bad"

 I can see Arthur struggling with his wolf, his pupil changing from the natural brown they are to deep black he stands and walks sloh towards me

"What right do you have? To tell me whom to date and when to stop"

 I stay fixed not budging ,

"I'm telling the truth and you know it, you know William won't survive a heartbreak if you find your mate let the boy loose, he's an omega for fuck's sake let him be"

Whatever I said must have angered the wolf theore, he grabs me by my shirt , I can his claws enlongating his wolf hair's begins to appear, he's shifting Midway"

  " Calm down"

 I hear William's voice from the bed , he walks to Arthur and I he looks directly at arthur ,

 "You know he's right, I won't survive Arthur ,  I've had the luxury of being loved by you, it's time to move on because the reality remains the same you would find your mate and I'm just a weak little Omega"

 "NO!!!!" Arthur growled ,

I can feel his pain but this would be bearable for him, if later he ends up finding his mate the pain William would have to go through would hurt as hell, that's the consequence of an omega getting too attached to an alpha

   I watch as Arthur runs out of the rooms , I stay with William in the room without uttering a word, a email is heared from a wolf , I guess Arthur also realised the truth of letting go, there's so much pain in his wail, gradually William squats and bursts into tears I look at him filled with sympathy

  I squat down beside him, and Pat him, 

"It would be over soon , just a week of heartbreak and that ll be all, it's better sooner than later I'm sorry I had to do this but there wasn't much of a choice for me"

  I walk out of the room listening to silent sobs of William, 

  What a pity two love birds, I'm sorry I had to do this but they need to face the reality this relationship will get them nowhere the only thing it would do is destroy William, no matter how I try to picture it , there's no happy ending to their relationship 



I stretch lazily on the bed, not wanting to get up but the feeling that I had to pee is the greatest motivation I have right now to get out of bed, 

   I walk lazily out of bed yawning, I walk into the toilet , sit and pee,  I walk out of bathroom ready to sleep back in bed then it rings in my brain

 "Fuck!!, My morning routine"

I reach for my phone beside the badlamp screw this , it's  6am I can't believe I almost missed it  I must have been stressed out from the packing ,unpacking , and preparing for a school

  I strip and wear  my tracksuit , I put on my watch and sneakers ready to go for a jog, I walk down the stairs silently not wanting to wake anyone , I close the door quietly and jog on towards the road, I jog  for about half an hour before deciding to go back home, on my way back I run into someone , he seems to be crying,

" I'm sorry sir , did I hurt you?"

 He looks up at me, with tear filled eyes, I become filled with sympathy , my instinct as human kicks in, for no reason at all I pull him I'm for a hug, he tenses up for a while but relaxes and sobs the more, whoever this is, he's in need of a warm hug, after minutes of crying he withdraws from me

 "I'm sorry , I'm embarrassed I shouldn't go around hugkng girls like this, I'm really sorry and I'm not a pervert"

 I giggle , he's cute he kept ranting on and on apologizing for the hug , finally he stops and looks at me

" I'm making a fool of myself aint I?"

" It's fine, you didn't mean to besides I pulled you in for a hug you didn't do anything,all you did was let out your surrows as much as I'd love to watch you act cute I need to go back home"

"I'm sorry for taking your time, do you live far?"

He's not flirting with me is he? I shrug as I wave off the thought from my mind

"It's half an hour away from here , just moved to town"

" You mean you jogged half an hour down here"

I nod smiling at him

"Can't I? Youre not one of them are you?"

He laughs slightly

" If  by one of them you mean people who criticize I'm not I don't judge people"

 " I need to go now I hope we run into each other soon, you're fun and whatever makes a hottie like you cry, it isn't worth it"

 "Thanks love, you helped me out a great deal today I promise to pay you back someday and you are also fun to hang with"

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