Bloodmoon Chronicles

Bloodmoon Chronicles

By:  Rida  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Suck me then" "Suck me to dryness Lucien. Isn't that the only thing your clan is known for? Go on and consume me!!! " He pulled her closer to where he sat. Her breathings intensified and words could not escape her mouth. The hot air was visible between them in the darkened room. The door went open. A Sentinel rushed in to inform him that the Alpha Heir of the Werewolves was in their territory. They stepped out. "I have come to take my mate!" The Alpha Heir went. Lucien looked at him and his gaze switched to Nova who stood in front of him. He pulled her by her waist to his body. "She belongs to me now, she is my vampire consort" he retorted to anger him. Their eyes locked in a venomous gaze, amidst the loathing eyes of Nova's sister, Freya who watched them fight for her sister. In a world where werewolves and vampires are locked in an age-long war, Nova and Freya find themselves on opposite sides of a brewing conflict. A werewolf's love story, a lost bloodline unaware of her supernatural heritage, a rejected mate, a love that turns into an obsession, a vampire prince seeking retribution, sisters turned rivals. "A FORBIDDEN TALE OF PASSION"

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24 Chapters
When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to tell me a story.She told me the story of the Chosen Seed.The story of a witch and her daughter.She told me the story of the white witch who was the last of her kind and thus, was expected to be the one with the responsibility of restoring balance in the world of the night creatures before her departure.But she fell in love and got pregnant and birthed a baby girl.She raised her daughter so diligently, teaching her all spells that would make her greater than her and surpass her in the knowledge of witchcraft.She went miles ensuring that her daughter knew all about the age long feud between the Werewolves and Vampires and how them, the white witches were entrusted with the task of restoring peace and normalcy between the two night clans.She made her daughter know that the other witches who had not practiced spells enough were all killed either by Vampires or Werewolves when they went to settle disputes amongst them, and because of t
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Chapter 1
The moon hung low in the night sky, casting a glow over the dense forest that was filled with leaves. Shadows danced among the trees, and the air was thick. Noises could be heard, the smell of furs also lingered in the air. Freya stood at the edge of the clearing, her amber eyes scanning the gathering wolves. She was no ordinary wolf. Her fur was a mix of gold and black, a testament to her dual heritage. Half werewolf, half witch, she straddled two worlds, yet belonged to neither. As most of her werewolf companions saw her as. "Shadow hunters!" She began.She was speaking to the werewolves she had trained whose jobs were to track down the enemies."We all witnessed what happened with the moon today. We all saw that the full moon did not stand even though it was meant to. We all heard the Oracle say that it would rise in a few days to come"" But hunters, we heard too how the guardian of the pack had said he saw Vampires in the forest"" Why would the vampires leave their Gothic Castl
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Chapter 2
Nova stared at the photo displayed on the screen of her cellphone.It was her boyfriend Lucas kissing his new girlfriend or "old" girlfriend like he had put it. When did it all end, she thought.A week ago he was all over her, doing the most for her to accept him as her boyfriend but now that she had accepted him, he was already making her regret it by dumping her already?Lest she forgot, she was not dumped, she was just used as a "stand in" like Lucas has put it.He had just used her as a stand in to replace his girlfriend who had travelled out of the country for a summit her parents had registered her for abroad.Never in her life had she felt so used and dumped.The audacity to send her a video of him making out with his new girlfriend or the old girlfriend, whatever she was to him, how would he dare send her a video of them making out?To spite her?To make her feel jealous?To feel superior?Holy cow, he wasn't even that handsome.His nose did not accentuate his face anyway, and
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Chapter 3
The Club lights burned her eyes to be honest.She felt a little bit overwhelmed too following this stranger. But what surprised her the most was how she followed him so he could show her what was greater than kissing.When he had said that to her, she had felt it, she had grown curious.He took her to where his car was.She stared at him. Who was he? She kept asking herself. Was he one of the magical girls he had spoken about too?His car had wings.She had seen cars that had wings before but they were reserved for those who owned Emeralds. The richest people in the community.Only the Ivy League girls at school were lucky to be brought to school in such cars.He beckoned on her to come closer, which she did.He carried her up, and placed her on top of the car. "Open your legs" he told her which she obeyed, giving him a space to stand in between them.He then starts kissing her. He bit her bottom lip and this made her catch her breath.She found out she was bleeding again.She looked
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Chapter 4
Damien had always had dreams.He had always had dreams about a woman.He always saw her in his dreams.She was always beautiful in them but she was not whom he wanted to see.He desired Freya, the Omega daughter of his father's friend who had died while defending their pack against a Vampire attack once.She was strong, stronger than most men of the pack. She did not dress like a female nor carry herself like one, instead she always trained to be better than others and even him.No one had ever been able to beat her, she was their teacher, she taught him and the other growing pack members how to fight with their physical strength, as well as how to use their claws and fangs against their opponents.She was also the one who helped them discover how to make use and control their speed and agility. She taught them alot and he has found himself falling for her.But he couldn't say it. His father wouldn't let it be because the Moon Goddess was the one who gave Werewolves their mates, she
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Chapter 5
Kate looked at the clock that was in the living room, something was definitely wrong with Nova.This was the first time she was waking up late for her lessons, the first time she had missed a lesson too considering how she returned late the other night and how she went to sleep immediately.She also reeked of a foreign cologne that wasn't hers neither was it used by her.She had noticed how she went to her room without even checking to see if her grandmother was still up to explain why she returned late not why she missed her demon training.Perhaps she was rebelling. Or was the wolfsbane she had been giving not enough to expell her wolfy features?Was she going to wolf out on her Eighteenth birthday which was a few days coming. Was he going to try finding her roots, forgetting the task which she had been training her.Questions and more swam through out Kate's mind as she wondered what could be wrong with her adolescent granddaughter.Her attention got shifted by Nova's cellphone tha
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Chapter 6
The Moon goddess walked back to her shrine. The soft glow of her presence resonated and illuminated the leaves of where she walked pass.Her face was covered, no one had seen her face before.She always had a black veil dolled over her face. She had a human shape. She was the one who did.Others could change their figures if need be but they could not be in their human shapes for too long. They usually went back to their normal wolf forms at the dawn of night. But the moon goddess was always in her human form. This made it a little wonder as to how she was able to achieve it and how she could see even with her face she always had dolled up with a black veil that hid her looks.She felt it at first as a faint prickling at the edge of her senses. No one would dare. She thought. Everyone revered her because she beared the Oracle's words to them. No wolf would dare.But then a whisper of caution made her glance around.She could tell because she could notice. Shadows seemed to shift, the
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Chapter 7
Kate stormed into their home with fury etched all over her face. Without any word, she kept on dragging Nova by her arms till they reached the dimly lit living room of their old, creaky house. Nova stumbled and fell to the floor, not shocked by her grandmother's sudden outburst, it has become a familiar scene. One that replayed too often in their strained relationship.She had witnessed it most times. This scene was always familiar to her, she had grown with it for years and had gotten used to it. Atleast the scars on most parts of her body were testaments of it. It wasn't the first time. In the past when her face etched with this kind of fury, Nova always wondered if she were truly her grandmother or if she was adopted because the punishment's she gave her then made her always want to run away from her."Why can't you ever do anything right?!!" Kate's voice was sharp, cutting through the silence like a blade. Nova remained silent, her gaze fixed on the floorboards beneath her feet.
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Chapter 8
Lucien was back at his castle. It had been a long night for him searching for the blood he had heard it's scent to no avail. He was frustrated and annoyed and laid on his bed writhing as he was loosing his strength.The head Sentinel Darian Stormrider, watched him from the window of his room. He had immediately understood what was happening to him and had instructed another sentinel to deliver to the others and bring one of their female breeders for him.When they had brought her, he had pushed her into the room and locked it from the outside, he and the other sentinels had left.The girl had cried her hearts out before she entered the Royal Chamber room, only keeping quiet as she was pushed in, knowing that any noise coming from her would make her have a death more painful than the one her fellow late breeders had encountered in the past.She was just the daughter of one of the breeders, she had been born in the Vampires realm. Her human mother had been brought in when the agreement
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Chapter 9
Night had fallen when the maids of the Gothic palace had the body of the breeder that had her blood consumed thoroughly cleaned and placed in a sack awaiting Darian Stormrider's orders.As per the norm, he would journey out at night and go meet his spies from the Werewolf realm and give them the body.Even though they were humans too, that didn't bother them anymore as they were not in the same rank as the breeders.They preyed on it. Vampires consumed blood while the werewolves fed on the body, and as a fee for them helping him out as his spies and take tellers from the adversaries kingdom, he always brought the dead body of whatever breeder that had their blood consumed to them.Werewolves had stopped hunting for their human preys ever since the Demon hunters killed one of their own that hunted a human once and wanted to prey on her body.Since then, they had sticked to hunting wild animals of the forest and bushes for consumption.Feeding on the body of a human was a luxury that ex
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