CHAPTER 5: Stubborn Heir, Cullen Lee

CHAPTER 5: Stubborn Heir, Cullen Lee

Cullen’s POV:

“Excuse me? Can I ask you a question?” That voice kept on lingering on me. I slowly twisted my neck to face that someone. My eyes were still widening because it was a girl. To be honest, I don’t want to see women because they keep on stalking and chasing me. They just want my money, handsome face and fame.

Who is this person? Is she not embarrassed to talk to me?! Why is she so brave to talk to me? I am the almighty Cullen Lee! I am still staring at her with my eyes widened. She then looked away and stopped poking my arm.

“U-um, are you Cullen Lee?” She asked me while not looking into my eyes. I am still wearing my hoodie and I turned around from her. I just coughed and decided not to talk or move. I can’t be recognized here. I just want to be alone and be free, but why is there a fangirl or someone here?!

I then heard a chuckling voice. “I am so sorry. Maybe you are so shy but I am a fan that is why I can recognize you.” She said. I felt so annoyed because she actually has the guts to tell this to me! But, can I just let her go? How about my image? What if she posts something ruining my image, telling others that I have an attitude and snobbing my fans? I could not stop overthinking. Aish. I am sighing without looking at her so that it isn't obvious that I am struggling.

I could hear her footsteps. She must be walking away from where she was standing. I closed my eyes and turned around and tried to expand my arm. “Stop!” I shouted. Ugh, I must do this and be nice to her, for my image. I heard that she stopped from leaving as the footsteps stopped. I slowly lifted up my chin and opened my eyes one by one. She is now smiling at me!

“Thank you so much, Cullen Lee. I am Charlotte Takeda, your fan.” She introduced herself, looking at me while smiling and then offered her hand for a handshake. I awkwardly smiled and cleared my throat while looking at her. “Nice to meet you, Charlotte.” I responded and then raised my arm at her level to do a handshake with her. I am looking at her eyes but it is sparkling while she is smiling. She must be so happy meeting her idol now. I then removed my hand and turned around to get something from my car. After getting it from my trunk, I put it on the grass and then sat on it, it was spacey enough for us. I then tapped the space next to me and looked at her as I put my head up. 

“You may sit next to me, Miss Takeda.” I said while looking at her delightful face. She was feeling so giggly and then sat down next to me. I was staring at her face and her face was so red. She just nodded and I was staring at her face. I know I  have a lot of fans but this is the first time that I feel warmth. Is this the feeling of having a friend? Are we friends?

“C-Cullen, can I be your friend?” She asked me while slowly twisting her neck and looking at me. I gulped and my eyes widened as I gaped. I looked away and just nodded. This is the first time that I got a friend, maybe I can share what I am feeling right now. I don’t really want to be the CEO of Lee Department Store.

After some minutes, I opened up about my problem and I can see that she was able to understand me. She makes me laugh and even makes me so happy. This is the first time that I feel this way. Thank you, Charlotte, for being my friend. But I hope my mom will not learn about me having a friend who is not from a rich family. By getting to know each other, Charlotte is just a cashier woman in a convenience store. But it does not matter to me, as long as she is by my side, I will be happy and willing to sacrifice everything. Am I in love?

We were still talking until I realized that the sun was already rising. I raised my arm and expanded it to grab the sun but of course, I won’t be able to. I stood up and stretched my arms. I also yawned. I could hear Charlotte chuckling next to me. I then looked down and smiled at her. I offered my hand to help her get up. “Let’s watch the sunrise together, Charlotte.” I winked at her. She nodded and grabbed my hand then stood up, grinning at me. I am still staring at her instead of the sun.

After watching the sunrise together, it felt like it was a brand new life for me. When the sun rises, it feels like I am now on the first page of my new beginning. I sent Charlotte to her home by giving her a drive with my sports car. Before she got off, she smiled at me. “Thanks, Cullen Lee for giving me a ride. I still can’t believe that this happened today.” Charlotte thanked me.

I grinned while looking at her. “Miss Takeda, can I get your contact number?” I asked her and that was the start of something special. We exchanged phone numbers and I returned to our mansion. When I returned to the mansion, I hurriedly went back to my room and then sat down on my gaming chair to relax. But someone entered my room again and it was my annoying maid again.

“You are called by madam, please proceed to her office, young master.” She said with her poker face. I just sighed and groaned due to frustration. Okay, I had no choice but to just follow my mom’s order. I left with our maid and she walked me until we reached my mom’s office room. I entered the room by rotating the doorknob. She was sitting on her big chair that was next to her desk. Mom was looking at me and I sat down on the long sofa two meters away from her table. I refused to look at her and just looked up at the ceiling. 

“So, what is the matter?” I asked without looking at her.

“Your meeting with the executives and your grandfather is today. Please get ready by noon.” My mom said. I then glared at her and shook my head. “No, I don’t want to!” I shouted and then stood up. I really don’t want to. I don’t even know how to be the CEO. I am not interested with that department store. I walked out and slammed the door. I did not want to see her reaction and I don’t want to care anymore.

I returned to my room and my eyes are really tired as I am not sleeping yet. I dropped my body on the bed and fell asleep eventually with planking position.

I woke up, opened my eyes and it was already dark. I got up and then stood up. I then eyed my wall clock. It is 6pm now. I want to be with Charlotte. I need her tonight. Maybe I should really tell my feelings, that I am in love with her.

I grabbed my phone from my bed and called her. When she answered I asked her for dinner and she immediately said yes, I can’t stop myself from smiling when she accepted my invitation. “See you later, Miss Takeda.” That's what I said. After the phone call, I prepared myself and called the Shibuya Sky to book a reservation for this dinner date. Even though this will be my first time, I will make it sure that she will say yes to me to become her boyfriend.

After an hour, I picked her up from her home. Yes, she is just living in a rusty apartment, I can tell it from a far. I am waiting for her to go inside my car. After a few seconds, she was out and smiling. I went out and then opened the car door where she will sit, of course, next to me. I smiled but I did not let her see it. I went inside and started the engine. I could feel that she was staring at me while I was driving.

But, upon arriving at Shibuya’s crossing, the car in front of us hit someone. The noise was too disturbing. Charlotte was too stunned to speak. I was shaking but I went out to see what happened and help as much as I could. When I got out of my car, my knees were trembling and I saw someone on the ground, a woman, holding the bloody guy. The woman was crying and kept yelling. 

“Dimitri! No! No!” The woman was screaming in pain.

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