Chap 86: Protecting my family.

Azura recognized it as Conal's voice and was overjoyed. Now he was like a lifebuoy she could hold onto while floundering in the middle of a big wave. Tears streamed down Azura's beautiful but pale face from exhaustion. She finally waited for him to come to save her and her two children.

William! No." Azura shouted in panic.

Suddenly William bit into her arm, startling Azura, and the boy moved as quickly as a squirrel towards Conal. However, Barton took advantage of this opportunity to capture William to preserve his life. He put a gun to William's head and threatened:

"If you don't want me to kill him, bring the money and the car over here. Also, drop all your weapons on that car for me."

Conal glanced at Azura; he saw the bite mark on her arm bleeding profusely. He noticed the uneasiness in Azura's eyes right now. Conal squinted at William; he could tell that William was losing his human consciousness. The boy looked like a wild little animal now, struggling to get out of Barton
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