Chap 90: Escape

Azura was delighted to be able to see her dear friend again in this confinement situation; she hurriedly asked: "Phelan! Where have you been? You know where Conal is now, don't you?"

Phelan sat down, facing Azura; he shook his head and said: "We don't know where he is right now. When Conal was taken away by the army, I followed their car. However, Conal woke up on the way. Maybe because he didn't see you, he was furious. After that, Conal broke the iron cage door and ran into the forest. Although I chased Conal, he was like a ghost, leaving no trace."

Azura listened to Phelan tell everything; she understood why the police were monitoring her. Because they still haven't caught him, they use her to lure Conal to appear. But why would they want to arrest him?

"Can Conal transform back into human form?"

Azura asked worriedly, her face showing an uneasy expression. That's why she stopped him from becoming a werewolf before the full moon night. When she was Harem's subordinate, such people
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