Chap 92: I won't let go

In the morning, when Azura woke up, Conal was no longer around. She frantically looked everywhere but still couldn't find him.

"Phelan, Alfred, wake up quickly! I cannot find Conal." Azura hurriedly woke them up. "We have to find him."

But as they were about to leave, Azura heard noises and voices coming from nearby. Azura climbed up the tall tree to get a better view when she discovered that many police and army troops were approaching them. Azura quickly jumped down and said, "They are people in the police and the military. Maybe they're about to discover the werewolf's body, too. For the time being, let's find somewhere to hide so those people won't find out."

As soon as Azura finished speaking, a voice from one of the soldiers said, "It's a werewolf. It is already dead."

"I will call the senior commander and report back." Another man's voice sounded, probably the captain of this group of people.

After a while, he shouted, "The commander has an order because the werewolf is dead, s
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