His ex wife's plans

Ultimately, Charlene had given up on convincing her father to give her a few days to contemplate what he told her, nothing seemed to change Rowan's mind. He invited Sullivan's family over for dinner so they could discuss the marriage preparation and also Richard and Charlene would get the chance to talk. 

Kathleen informed her that'd arrive by evening. Charlene had been in her room getting ready since it was twilight, at any time Richard and her parents would arrive. As she was about to leave her room Javier called to inform her he was outside waiting for her. Maids were preparing for tonight's event. She bumped into Flavia on her way out. 

   “Where are you going in such a hurry, Charlene?” She queried, holding a new bedspread Charles demanded for.

   “I'm going out. Javier is outside waiting for me.”

   “Alright. I'm taking this to Charles. Do you perhaps want a new bedspread?”

   “Just my comforter. I want roses.” She ordered, reaching for the exit door. She handled the door and walked out, as she reached a car drove into the garage. She sighted Bryant and his wife alighting from the car without Richard. Charlene quickly lowered her gaze and trudged to the gate. She stepped outside and met Javier standing beside his motorcycle.

   “Javier,” She called out while launching toward him.

  “Hey beauty.” He waved at her. Charlene approached him with a big smile plastered on her face, she stood in front of him. 

  “You skipped school today, I was literally worried.”

  “I'm okay.”

  “How about today's tutorial?” Javier carried the text books on the motorcycle then extended them to her. 

   “Not today. My parent's guests are around. Don't worry I'm going to go through the text books then tomorrow you'll explain and assist with any difficulties.” She said demurely. She couldn't tell him the truth, apparently Javier hadn't gotten over his feelings yet. Telling him that her parents were arranging a marriage between her and a man would shatter his heart, moreover Javier knew about her crush on Richard but he always believed that Charlene would see him as a lover not as a best friend one day.

  “Oh.” He murmured feebly.

A car drove past them, Charlene caught a glimpse of Richard in the backseat but he wasn't looking. “I have to go now.” She collected the books from him and paced backward.

   “Isn't that Richard Sullivan?” Javier pointed at the car driving into the mansion. Charlene concluded in her mind that he also caught a glimpse of him like she did.


   “Oh. Finally you'll get the chance to meet him in person. Charlene, don't forget to get his autograph.” He tried not to sound jealous while looking at her face.

  “Sure, I won't forget.” Her phone vibrated, she ignored and waved Javier a goodbye before heading into the mansion. Her prediction was right, everyone was in the dining room waiting for her.

   “Charlene, over here.” Kathleen gestured to her to come over. She shrugged incuriously, she walked over and when she looked around their eyes met but Richard switched his gaze immediately. 

   “Sweetheart, have a seat next to him.” Bryant smiled brightly at her, pointing at the only empty chair beside Richard's. It was the only chair left, she didn't have a choice but to sit beside him and stay in an uncomfortable atmosphere with him.

   Instead of sitting she walked past the seat. Richard was surprised, people would die to get close to him but Charlene ignored him as if he never existed. She strutted to Bryant. “Good day sir. I'll love to serve you instead of maids only if you don't mind.” 

Her parents weren't the only people that were surprised by her sudden behavior, it took Charles by surprise. He glanced at her briefly. Bryant gave his approval with a nod. “Sure dear.” Charlene restrained the maid, she ordered her to leave with an eye gesture. She had never done anything like that before, she rarely entered the kitchen because maids were hired to always be at their services all the time. She looked at Flavia as she poured champagne for her father, she carried the bottle with self-consciousness, she poured content little into the flute and offered Bryant who received it with a big smile. “Thanks.” He sipped then put the flute down 

Luciana never flaunted interest, she was busy eating without sparing anyone a glance. Charlene returned to her seat beside Richard but she didn't look at him.

Richard barely touched his food, he was only interested in drinks. Charlene smiled cheerfully at Bryant's humorous jokes while they were eating, he never stopped teasing her.

   “Did you know that he has a child already?” Luciana eventually uttered a sentence. 

Charlene halted her cutlery halfway to her mouth, she chuckled and nodded once. “I know.”

    “You don't mind marrying him. Well, I can't wait to have you as my daughter in-law.” She grinned at her vaguely. 

    “Charlene, why don't you take him around.” Kathleen winked at her. 

   “Yes, they need their privacy.” Bryant said, almost everyone burst into delighted laughter.

Richard and Charlene stood up. “Excuse us.” 

They left the dining room together to the family garden in their mansion. “I think we've met before.” it sounded more like a question as Richard looked forward to an answer.

  “I don't think so. And if we did then it's a coincidence.” She motioned toward a bench and sat down.

  “Maybe.” He shrugged apathetically.

Both of them stood in silence, none of them ever utter a word after that. Charlene had nothing to say to him, she expected him to say something like ‘I can't marry a college lady’ but Richard had something else in his mind. He only spared her a vague stare until his phone rang. 

 Charlene noticed how disappointed he was when he saw the call ID. He grunted softly then moved away to receive the call. On the phone, Henrietta informed her she'd be waiting for him at a hotel which she'd sent the address after hanging up. She threatened him that if he didn't show up she'd come to his mansion and create a scene.

When the call ended after thirty minutes Richard returned to where she was. “If you don't have anything to say I think we should go back in because I have nothing to say to you.” He said, pivoted and left the garden without waiting for her response.

Charlene followed from behind. Their parents were in a deep conversation when they arrived at the dining room. “I have an announcement.” Richard enunciated. 

Everyone gazed at him eagerly. Charlene wondered what he wanted to tell their parents as both of them only exchanged a few words. “We're listening, son.”

He sighed out loud. “There's an emergency I have to attend to tomorrow but I'll adjust my schedule for the week. Well, I genuinely want the wedding preparation to be fixed tomorrow then our wedding ceremony should be the day after tomorrow.”

Charlene's jaw dropped astonishingly. Awkward silence took over the room as they only focused on Richard alone. 

  “Why rushing?” Charles interrupted instead of his sister.

Richard gazed at him steadily. “I'm having tight schedules for the entire month. I don't want to waste time that's why I want the wedding preparation to start now.” He averted his gaze to Charlene's face. “Isn't that what we concluded on, Charlene?” His eyes narrowed at her vaguely.

   “Huh?” Puzzled, she murmured. Richard directed his eyes to her eyes squarely. 

  “So…” He smirked.

  She composed herself. “Yeah, yes. I agree, moreover my examination are on hold so I have the time now.” 

Suddenly Bryant clapped his hands. “That's great. I never thought both of you would get along this quick. Leave everything to me to handle. The invitations will be out and the magazines will be released tomorrow.” He announced with excitement.

   “You don't have to, dad. I'll handle everything. Make yourself available darling, my driver will be here to pick you up tomorrow.” 

Charlene looked at him in awe, everything he said surprised her. Her heart raced in her chest while staring at him. 

   “Alright. We should toast to that, everyone!” Rowan raised his champagne flute while everyone also did the same. “Cheers!” The tips of the flute cluck, they sipped their drinks. Charlene was drowning in a pool of confusion, she was looking at everyone perplexingly. Charlene noticed, he put a hand on her hand and gestured to her to take a deep breath.

  “Kathleen, we should pick a wedding gown for her… what do you think?” Luciana suggested.

 “Sure. Tomorrow we're going to do that.” She smiled brightly.

 “Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.” Charlene excused herself from the room. Charles drew his chair back a little, he stood up and followed her.

  “Son…” Whatever Bryant was about to say was interrupted by the sound of Richard's phone. He glanced at his father helplessly then picked up his call, he hung the call almost immediately.

   “I have to go now. It's important.” He said.

  “Go ahead.” Rowan and Bryant said in union.

Richard stood up then left. He ordered his driver to drive him to his mansion. After waiting for him, she had sent more than ten threatening messages. Richard didn't have a choice, he couldn't hesitate after she informed him she was in his mansion waiting for him.

The driver halted the car in the garage, he alighted instantly and trudged inside. Just what she told him, she was carrying Miguel in her arms.

   “What the hell are you doing here?” Richard seethed hostilely.

   “To see my little angel. Do you miss me, Richy?” She made Miguel sit on the sofa, she raised to Richard's level and faced him with a mischievous grin.

   “Leave before I have you thrown out of my mansion!” His eyes were cold but Henrietta wasn't bothered, she remained calm and relaxed.

   “I thought you wouldn't show up. Calm down, Richy. You should at least be friendly to your ex wife, remember we share memories.” She moved her hand to his face, attempting to touch him but he pushed her hand away.

   “Don't you dare!”

She grunted as she folded her hands over her chest. “I'm back now. I know you haven't gotten over me yet, let's forget about the past and start afresh. I want my family back.” 

   “Too late. I don't want you anymore, you know how much I hate your gut. Leave my mansion now, Henrietta!”

She ignored him and sat down. “I'm passing a night here. I checked our room but it seems like you changed the password, the card isn't working either. My luggage is in the car, so just ordered a maid to take it to our room.” She said not looking at him.

Richard laughed out loud, he returned his hands to his pockets. “I'm pretty sure she didn't tell you I'm getting married in two days.”

She abruptly looked at him. Her eyes darkened with suspicion while lifting a brow perplexingly. “What do you mean?”

He motioned to a seat, he sat down and crossed his legs over. “Exactly what you heard. You and I are nothing, you should get that straight into your empty skull. I'm done with you and so, stay away from Miguel if you don't want to get hurt. I won't spare you if you ever show up unannounced.” 

Her eyes popped up. “W-what!”

He shrugged his shoulders. “He doesn't need you anymore. Our son is going to have another mother very soon so keep the distance, I don't want you near him.”

She leaped up. “I won't give up on us.” She sneered determinedly.

“Whatever.” He smirked at what she said. Richard knew what Henrietta was capable of and he was going to prepare himself for any disaster.

“Trust me, that wedding isn't going to hold. If I can't have you, no one will. I can't watch anyone taking my place, you belong to me.” She clenched her fists ferociously.

“Do your worst.”

She picked her purse off the sofa and her phone then she stomped toward the door. “Mark my word, Richard. I'm the only one for you.” She yelled out, she opened the door and left furiously.



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